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Nothing tops a board game! You won’t have to be bored for a minute with the free online board games on GameHouse! Can’t find someone who wants to join in? No problem! The best online board games on GameHouse let you play whenever you want to, against other players or against the computer. Choose your favorite games and prepare for hours of fun. Addictive games, right?

SKIP-BO Castaway Caper and Sea Wars

Not too sure which free board game you should start with? What about SKIP-BO Castaway Caper? After a shipwreck, you end up on a seemingly deserted island with a powerful volcano. When the volcano is on the verge of erupting, the island appears to be habited after all. Can you save the island from destruction? Sea Wars is also a nice first online board game to play. This online version of the popular board game is great! Are you ready to attack the enemy fleet and sink some ships?

Do you love Mahjong? Try Mahjong Escape – Ancient China! In this game, you dive into Chinese history to take on several Mahjong challenges. Mahjongg Investigations – Under Suspicion is also highly recommended. Step into the shoes of a detective and unmask criminals by solving Mahjong tasks!

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