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You can find the best online adventure games on GameHouse! Are you looking for sensation and adventure? Make sure you’re prepared, because the GameHouse catalogue has an incredible amount of great online adventure games. Try several games and discover your favorite. Do you rather play our recommendations? Check the games below!

The Treasures of Montezuma and My Kingdom for the Princess

Do you love matching and free online adventure games? Then The Treasures of Montezuma 3 is definitely a game for you! In this combination of online adventure games and matching games, you need to make your way through the treasure rooms of a temple in the jungle. My Kingdom for the Princess 2 is a different online hit adventure game. In this game, you follow Arthur and Helen who are planning a beautiful honeymoon. Unfortunately, their plan falls through when fate strikes and Arthur has to defend the country against intruders once again. Can you help him on this fantastic adventure?

A different free online adventure game you can’t miss is The Island – Castaway. A few shipwreck survivors need to survive on a tropical island. But who can help them when strange things start to happen? You?

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