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Looking for a game for all ages? Nick games are fun for the entire family! All your favorite cartoon characters come to life in these wonderful games. Perfect for the people who never get tired of their adventures. Nick games will provide you with hours of fun and hilarious challenges. Do you feel like starting a fun and light-hearted game? Play one of the Nick games from the extensive collection at GameHouse! Dora’s Carnival 2 – Boardwalk Adventure

Who didn’t grew up with the adventures of Dora? In Dora’s Carnival 2 – Boardwalk Adventure, you will join her for lots of adventures at the carnival. This game contains over 10 challenging games and all of the fun friends of Dora. Whether it’s playing air hockey or skeeball, you’ll definitely have fun with Dora! After each game you’ll get the opportunity to win amazing prices. Is there a price for you? This game is perfect for every child!

SpongeBob and The Clash of Triton

Are you also a big fan of the adventures of SpongeBob Squarepants and his friend Patrick? In SpongeBob and The Clash of Triton you’ll join them on one of their most exciting adventures ever! Triton is keeping his father Neptunus prison and wants to control the town of Bikini Bottom. Of course SpongeBob and Patrick are going to try to prevent this at all costs! Can you help them to save the citizens of Bikini Bottom and to free Neptunus?

Diego’s Safari Rescue

Diego, one of the good friends of Dora, can’t be missed in this overview. He has an enormous amount of energy in the game Diego’s Safari Rescue! This game is perfect for children and a fun challenge for all ages. Diego, together with Baby Jaguar, is in Africa to visit his friend Juma. Juma tells them an exciting story about an evil wizard who changed elephants into rocks with his wand. There’s a drum at the top of the mountain who can make an end to this. Can you help Diego to find this instrument?

No matter of what age you are, the Nick games remain addictive and fun!

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