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Are you looking for the newest games? You’ve found them! GameHouse wants to provide their players with new challenges and more gaming fun, and launches multiple games every week. GameHouse always has the latest games. Because we have some exclusive deals with games developers, we can launch games earlier than other games websites. Are you looking forward to that one game or do you want to play new games every week? Keep visiting this page and be surprised by our weekly offer of new games.

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By closely following the new games page you’ll always stay up to date and informed about our newest games. This way you know for sure that you’re the first one to play our new hit games, but also that you’re the first to discover how fun certain games are. Perhaps you’ll be the first player to discover a new hit game, or who’s noticing one of our unique games first.

Never get bored again

We want to make sure that you’ll never get bored. That’s why we think this is the perfect page for people, who are always looking for new games that didn’t play yet. We’re launching new games very often, and because of this we’re making sure that you’ll have multiple options to play. This way we can continuously provide you with a new challenge. So getting bored belongs definitely to the past!

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Do you follow our social media channels like Facebook and Google+ yet? When you’re following us on these platforms, you’ll always be informed about our newest games. Very often, we’ve got news about our newest top games, and you’ll be informed about the upcoming launch of possible new hit games. Follow our social media channels now to keep up to date!

New games for mobile and tablet

Games for mobile phones and tablets are becoming more and more popular and of course GameHouse reacts to this. We’re going to launch more new games for these devices and this amount will only increase in the future. Do you want to play the newest games on your mobile phone or tablet? Stay tuned to our website and social media channels!

Have fun with playing our new games!

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