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Are you a big fan of the National Geographic programs? Then you’re definitely going to enjoy our fun National Geographic games! These games are fun and informative, just like the TV-shows. Every game contains an important message and lets you enjoy our wonderful earth and nature. National Geographic games are well suited for the entire family, and popular among all ages. Try them yourself now and learn while playing! National Geographic Great Migrations

National Geographic Great Migrations is one of our most fun National Geographic games. This game is based on similar TV-shows of National Geographic, which are extremely popular. In this game you need to help animals, like butterflies and salmon, migrating to other parts of the world. Lots of them are taking the trip of their life time to another destination. It’s up to you to help them with this! Can you protect them from wild predators, and past other obstacles? You will both enjoy and learn in this great game!

National Geographic Adventure – Lost City of Z

National Geographic Adventure – Lost City of Z is the perfect proof of how exciting the National Geographic games can be! Your sister, researcher at National Geographic has gone missing in the Brazilian rain forest. Immediately you charter a plane to start looking for her. During this search you stumble upon beautiful locations where no-one has ever been fore. Follow the clues and try to find new ones in this hidden object adventure. It seems impossible to find your sister in this labyrinth, but we think you’re up for it!

National Geographic – DogTown

Are you a true dog lover? Then National Geographic – DogTown is the perfect game for you! In this National Geographic game you take care of the dogs in your shelter, and you have to prepare them for a new home. Lots of these dogs are suffering from mental or physical problems, which you need to cure. Spend a lot of time with them to spoil them and to teach them the skills they need.

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