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You’re here to enjoy exciting mystery games? Then let us guide you through the best mystery games on GameHouse! All these games have something in common. They’re exciting, fun, challenging and you’ll need to solve a mysterious case in almost all of them. This combination is what makes mystery games so popular among our players. There's nothing more satisfying than uncovering a secret, and finding out the truth about the strange things that are going on in a game. Are your investigation skills good enough? Samantha Swift and The Clockwork Man

Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena is a perfect example of how intriguing the exciting mystery games can be! Follow Samantha Swift on an adventurous quest to retrieve Zeus’ scepter for a famous museum. In order to find it you need to start a search for hidden treasures. Only then will you be able to discover an ancient mystery that was kept secret for centuries. Perhaps you’ll find some interesting archeological pieces too!

Ready for another exciting game from the mystery games genre? We’re positive you’ll like The Clockwork Man as well! This game is loved by players all over the world, because of the beautiful graphics and original story line. The inventor Miranda Calomy is the main character of this game. You need to follow her around the world to help her grandfather with an extremely important experiment. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect job for you?

Don’t wait any longer and spoil yourself with exciting mystery games that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat for hours!

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