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So you’re ready for an exciting game? In that case, let’s try the thrilling Monster Plants games on GameHouse then! These games will absolutely take your breath away, and keep you on the edge of your seat. Did you know monsters and plants can be a perfect combination for a thrilling game, you’ll find out in Plants vs. Zombies! Just when you think you’re peacefully planting plants, it’s time to get your hands even dirtier and defeat monsters. There’s plenty of choice, so choose the story that looks the most appealing to you, and start playing! Not sure what game is best for you? Below you can find two game recommendations that are perfect for everyone, because they’re fun and exciting! Plants vs. Zombies and Natural Threat – Ominous Shores
Bejeweled 3 and Gardenscapes 2

Drop everything you’re doing, and take a moment for the thrilling Monster Plants game Plants vs. Zombies on GameHouse! This game has everything that you need right now, excitement, fun and most importantly, a challenge! You're minding your own business and having some me time in your garden where you’re planting plants. Suddenly hordes of zombies are attacking your property and you need to find a way to stop them! Together with your powerful plants, you’ll have to defend your property and yourself. What happens when you don’t? You don’t want to find out!

Did you like Plants vs. Zombies? Natural Threat – Ominous Shores is another exciting Monster Plants game that you can’t miss out on! In this game you’ll meet Professor Steiner, a famous scientist. As his assistant it’s your job to work with him on an important experiment. But nothing is what it seems, and you’re about to discover something horrible! Is it monsters? Plants? Roll up your sleeves and find out for yourself!

Who doesn’t want to play thrilling Monster Plants games? You’ll find tons of breathtaking games on GameHouse!

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