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GameHouse has the best free monster games. You'll find new monster games and classics alike in our extensive catalog of download monster games. Don’t forget to check under the bed for monsters!

Save the villagers of Curly Valley from a monstrous invasion in Monster Mash. Set up strategic defenses and protect each village from wave after wave of hideous, horrible and even hilarious monsters. Listen to villagers cheer as they reward you for your heroics. Try this addictive treat today!

Help a friendly family save their island home in Pakoombo! When the evil Mr. Lyar threatens to sell their home, it's up to Cathy and her brothers to find a hidden treasure and save the day. But Mr. Lyar may be the least of your worries as the island is also home to the dreaded Coconut Monster!

Blobs, ghosts, vampires, witches and werewolves all want to stop by and leave their little ones in your care. Turn little monsters into adorable angels in Daycare Nightmare - mini-monsters! Make sure each troublesome toddler is fed, lays down for a nap and of course, plays with others before his parents return. These monsters will test your patience!

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