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Monkey around for some fun with the best monkey games at GameHouse! Have you always wanted to trek through the jungle and play with monkeys? Now you can! Play a variety of high quality monkey games today.

Want to play monkey games now? Then win big with Monkey Money, a unique slot game with a fun jungle theme, or help get the monkeys out of trouble in Monkey Trouble 2. The one thing that is certain is that these monkey games are more fun than a barrel of—you guessed it—monkeys!

Do you like puzzle games? Then spin the reels and try to get matching symbols on 25 different paylines with Monkey Money. Match bananas and win free games where the monkeys are wilder than ever! A delightful challenge that's full of hilarious fun, Monkey Money features gorgeous graphics, many ways to win, and endless slot game fun. Give Monkey Money a spin! Or maybe you prefer Match 3 games? Well, the monkeys are back, and in more trouble than ever, in Monkey Trouble 2, an addictive, and free monkey game! Slide rows and columns of colorful monkeys to make matching groups of three or more. It's going to take some real strategy to successfully squash bananas, crack coconuts, blast walls, smash rocks, and more on your way to complete your quest. Monkey Trouble 2 is perfect for a quick break or a few relaxing hours. Play this and many more monkey games at GameHouse.

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