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It's time to play The Midnight Mysteries Series games. You’ll find all your favorite Midnight Mysteries games on GameHouse. Excitement! Thrills! Intrigue! These games have everything to keep you enchanted for hours. In the Midnight Mystery games, you need to solve scary mysteries! Below you’ll find the best Midnight Mysteries games you can play on GameHouse! Midnight Mysteries – Devil on the Mississippi

Do you like exciting games that you can play during the evening? Then we’ve got a recommendation for you: Midnight Mysteries – Devil on the Mississippi! Mark Twain is the center of a tough discussion about the true identity of Shakespeare. This discussion brought a couple of creepy creatures back to life. Things become really scary when the spirit of Mark Twain pays you a visit and asks for your help. Is the devil on his tail? Unravel this midnight mystery and help Mark Twain now!

Midnight Mysteries – The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy

If you like to solve mysteries, then you’re going to love Midnight Mysteries – The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy. In this chapter of the exciting series, you'll discover the true reason behind the death of Edgar Allan Poe. Get ready to interview witnesses and to search for clues. Could his death have been prevented or was he murdered? Find out when you complete all the challenges in this game!

Midnight Mysteries – Salem Witch Trials

You can’t miss this sequel to The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy. An amazing new adventure is waiting for you in Midnight Mysteries – Salem Witch Trials. This time it’s up to you to solve the mysterious case of Nathaniel Hawthorne, the famous writer whose death has been questioned for years. Did he really die during a heavy snow storm? His spirit comes to you to ask for your help with this complicated case. We wish you good luck with this midnight mystery!

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