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Dream of traveling to breathtaking sites around the world? Now you can! Travel near and far to see the amazing wonders of the world with these free wonders games from GameHouse! Set out on an incredible journey without leaving the comfort of your home.

Marvel as brilliant achievements like Stonehenge and the Taj Mahal come to life in 7 Wonders II. Use your puzzle skills to build a new set of wonders in this sequel to the popular game, 7 Wonders. Or checkout another hit wonders game, 7 Wonders – Treasures of Seven. Swap and slide colorful runes in this matching challenge and uncover the ancient secrets of the 7 Wonders. Begin your journey today and discover the City of Gods!

Dive deep and discover a treasure chest full of puzzle fun in Hidden Wonders of the Depths. Be sure to collect ancient artifacts and hidden treasures on your underwater journey. See what wonders you can find deep beneath the waves.

You can download wonders games or play wonders games online at GameHouse. No matter how you choose to play, you are sure to embark on an amazing adventure!

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