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Have a blast with the best space games at GameHouse! Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut? Now you can! Play a variety of high quality download space games and online space games today!

Snowy’s back and this time he’s heading to outer space to rescue his little green friends in Snowy – Space Trip. He's far from home without his trusty snowballs, but that won't stop Snowy from saving the day. Jump, dodge and kick your way through Snowy’s adventure and lead his friends to safety!

So you like to play golf? Boldly go where no golfer has gone before in Golf Adventure Galaxy. Travel to outer space for the trickiest course you’ve ever played. Think if your local mini-golf course was built by aliens and set in deep outer space. Are you up for the challenge? Tee off today!

Ready for an action packed adventure? Strap in to your super high-speed space fighter, take a deep breath, and get ready to embark on a mission of heroic. Weapon power-ups and super bonuses give you the firepower you need, but they may not get you back to base alive. Only the pilot with the most acrobatic skills can defeat this determined foe. Are you ready, Pilot?

Find these and many more free space games at GameHouse. 3-2-1 blast off!

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