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Get wooed by fun with the best free romance games at GameHouse! Are you a fan of romantic stories? Do you believe in true love and its miraculous powers? You will soon, after playing a variety of high quality romance games at GameHouse today.

Interested in a love story with a twist? Then you will love Mushroom Age, an intriguing hidden object challenge involving time travel! When Vera’s fiancé, Tom, mysteriously goes missing just days before their wedding, she’s worried sick. While visiting TimeLab, Tom’s employer, Vera accidentally trips up a strange machine and ends up getting sent back in time. Solve brain-bending puzzles and mini games to help Vera find her love and save humanity from a merciless menace. It is up to you to uncover the truth and reconnect this devoted couple!

Help a daring captain of the high seas find her missing love in Spirit of the Wandering—The Legend, a romantic and at the same time thrilling hidden item game. Step to the helm of the Spirit of the Wandering, a majestic ship that will take you and the captain to exotic locations in search of cleverly concealed objects that will break the curse placed on her crew and give clues to the whereabouts of the captain’s lost love. Use your keen eye for detail and quick thinking to crack challenging puzzles and get closer to discovering the power of true love. Find these and many more romance games at GameHouse.

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