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GameHouse has the best ocean games. You will find the web's largest selection of free ocean games here at GameHouse. With this extensive collection you can also download ocean games or play ocean games online.

Dive deep and recover a stolen pearl necklace from the bottom of the ocean in Aqua Pearls. Aquatic needs your help to find all the pieces of magic pearl necklace and restore peace in the seas. Splash into puzzling fun today!

Or maybe you’d like to create your own undersea paradise in Deep Sea Tycoon 2. Swim with the whales, ride the turtles and play with the dolphins. Dive beneath the ocean waves today!

Solve a slippery mystery in Mr. Biscuits – The Case of the Ocean Pearl. What was supposed to be a relaxing ocean voyage turns into an engaging whodunit! Join Mr. Biscuits on a search for clues, evidence and suspects throughout the cruise ship. Crack the case today!

Splish and Splash your way to fun and play ocean games!

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