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Get spellbound by fun with the best free magic games at GameHouse! Have you ever dreamed of breaking evil spells, triumphing over dark magic, and rescuing ancient kingdoms? Now you can! Play a variety of high quality free magic games and magic adventure games today.

Interested in a match-3 challenge with an enchanting twist? Then you’ll love 4 Elements, a puzzle-filled download magic game! The four sacred altars of earth, water, air, and fire have been destroyed, unleashing a powerful evil threatening the very existence of this ancient kingdom. Group colorful game pieces into sets of three or more to find four magical tomes, collect 16 mysterious cards, and fight off the evil force.

Breathe life into the world of Kuros, a formerly fertile land now in its last throes. In Glyph, a matching puzzle magic game, you are the only remaining descendant of the Elemental Masters and so it falls on you to save this dying world. Arrange Guardstones in groups to blast through sheets of rock and discover the healing power of the Glyphs. If you’re in the mood for mysterious games, then try Magic Academy, a detective adventure for the whole family. Your quest to find your missing sister has brought you to the Higher Academy of Arwindale, a school of magic. Roam the halls, search the classrooms, and rummage through the offices of this mystical castle to discover the truth behind your sister’s disappearance and her whereabouts. Play these and many more free magic games and download magic games at GameHouse.

Get spellbound by fun today!

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