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Dazzle and shine your way to fun with the best free gem games at GameHouse! If you have a penchant for the beauty of lustrous jewels, these games have got you covered. Play a variety of high quality download gem games and online gem games today.

Puzzle your way through Super Gem Drop, a gamer's favorite for the entire family. From the makers of the ever popular Collapse! games, stack sparkling rubies, diamonds, and more in columns and rows to eliminate them from the board, but watch out! The clock is ticking as even more gems are falling from the sky and show no signs of letting up. Hurry and beat the clock to advance through dozens of levels of addictive fun.

Looking for a combination of adventure and puzzle fun? Make your way to the Mayan ruins in Jewel Quest and uncover the beauty of an ancient empire. Match valuable artifacts and pieces of treasure to uncover Mayan gold. As you successfully uncover more, you'll find that more hidden secrets await you that take the form of curses relics and unexpected twists to keep you at the edge of your seat. With incredible graphics and exciting soundtracks, these and more download and online gem games await you at GameHouse.

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