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Harvest free fun with the best gardening games at GameHouse! Would you like to plant and grow crops, keep pests at bay, or simply design your own outdoor sanctuary? Now you can! Play a variety of high quality download and online gardening games.

Who said gardening wasn’t fun? Garden Dreams, a quaint simulation for the whole family, is acres of fun! Granny is planting crops and needs your help. Select pretty and profitable plants that can afford Granny the garden she always wanted. But make sure to keep away pests and animals so they don’t eat your crops!

Create your own garden as you help Alice shape up her uncle’s farm in the much-anticipated sequel, Alice Greenfingers 2. Pick crops and plants, breed livestock, and much more to restore this dilapidated farm to its former glory. There is no doubt that Alice Greenfingers 2 is an idyllic refuge of fun!

For those interested in fast-paced action fun, try Garden Defense, a backyard-themed boredom buster. The gardens of Lindencroft are besieged by crop-destroying bugs and it is up to you to rescue the Smiths and their backyard. Plant pest-fighting shrubs and strategically place lawn statues and other strange gizmos to withstand the onslaught of these pestilent insects. But don’t get complacent, use your earnings from battling bugs to upgrade your defenses for the next round. The fun doesn’t stop here! In the end you get to discover the truth behind these creepy trespassers! Find these and many more gardening games at GameHouse.

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