You're the Boss 

 You're the Boss
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You're the Boss Stats
  • Choose from 18 customizable employees for hire.
  • Assign tasks to specific employees using their strengths to move you through promotions quickly.
  • Unlock dozens of products for sale from skinny jeans to high-powered jetpacks.
  • Enjoy hours of rewarding, open-ended gameplay as you work your way toward the mysterious conclusion.

Game Description

Work your way to the top of the corporate ladder and fulfill a mysterious prophecy. No one can keep you down in You're the Boss, an addictive challenge of competitive simulated business strategy.

One-by-one, you crush the competition and make strategic decisions about new hires, event opportunities, employee morale, and what skills they need to hone. As you guide your team through successful research, sales, marketing, and continuous learning, the company prospers and rewards you handsomely.

There's no ceiling for you when you play the free trial version or download the full version of You're the Boss today!
Genre:  Simulation