You're the Boss
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You're the Boss 

Work your way to the top of the corporate ladder and fulfill a mysterious prophecy. No one can keep you down in You're the Boss, an addictive challenge of competitive simulated business strategy.

One-by-one, you crush the competition and make strategic decisions about new hires, event opportunities, employee morale, and what skills they need to hone. As you guide your team through successful research, sales, marketing, and continuous learning, the company prospers and rewards you handsomely.

There's no ceiling for you when you play the free trial version or download the full version of You're the Boss today!

  • Choose from 18 customizable employees for hire.
  • Assign tasks to specific employees using their strengths to move you through promotions quickly.
  • Unlock dozens of products for sale from skinny jeans to high-powered jetpacks.
  • Enjoy hours of rewarding, open-ended gameplay as you work your way toward the mysterious conclusion.
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Reviews of You're the Boss
 | Added on: December 17, 2014
I actually really enjoyed this game. Sure it was a bit short in comparison to others but I found the idea of controlling how you boost each person individually could make or break the month. Played it right to the end in the same day
 | Added on: December 31, 2013
I agree with the other 2 reviews. Could have been longer and add some problems to overcome.
 | Added on: February 27, 2014
Very boring game. No challenge at all. Once you go through tutorial you just need to repeat same actions all the time.
 | Added on: March 13, 2014
I actually like this game, and I enjoyed a replay, but I'll explain why gave it the decisions I gave it above. 1. Easy. It's easy because there are no time limits. The only limit you have depends on how much money you have. You can waste all the time you want studying your people until you don't have enough money that month to pay salaries, which then you'll have to stop, advertise and sell. Then when you have enough money again, you can study, motivate, whatever. You can certainly take your time in this game. 2. Relaxing: Same as above.. you can basically take your time. 3. Clicky. The game is extremely clicky. In order to start a deed, you have to click on the person, then click to assign a task, then choose the tab of the task subject, then choose the task. The game doesn't remember last steps of each person, which would be very helpful. Since each person has their own strengths, it would be nice if it would remember at least the last tab used for that person. Even if you already have somebody highlighted, you must click on that person again when the task is complete and close out their quotation box that shows up after they're clicked. 4. 3-Star Rating. I honestly like the game. I like it enough that I played it through twice. It does get boring, since you do have to study [a lot!] and that takes a lot of time. I probably won't play through it a third time, though. I believe the reason there is no "Endless Mode" is because it's basically as endless as you want it to be... until everybody is maxed out on their points, which then, really, how far do you need to go? You can't lose, because there are no deadlines. But I give it 3 stars because there's almost no challenge to it. I like the potential of the game, but it's just missing something... I wouldn't buy it, because I beat it way too easily. I will say, though, it responds perfectly with the touch screen.
 | Added on: December 28, 2013
I wish this game were longer. It was fun but leaves you wanting more.
 | Added on: January 6, 2014
I really like this game. It is very fun. Lots of characters, and lots of cool features.
 | Added on: December 28, 2013
PROS: Fun & Interesting Concept CONS: Odd Story Line, Pretty Easy, and Very Short I liked this game because it was something new and made me think about the training and who I would choose to be an expert in an area. I did not like that after a task was completed and you closed the results window for the task that you had to re-click the person to assign them another task. I think that the employee card should remain active to save time. This made it pretty tedious to keep people working on a task. Once I got into a rhythm the game became boring. There is no time limit to race against. The better you are at selling the faster the game completes. I think in the next version if they include some common business obstacles to overcome, it would be more challenging (i.e. people out sick, delivery delays, out-of-stock, damaged goods, etc.). Overall - a okay game for Fun Pass users, but I would not pay for the full version.
 | Added on: January 1, 2014
I was able to finish this game in a couple of hours. Felt pointless to do all that research and study for my employees and have the game finish so suddenly!. Anyway, that aside game is fun, I like that I was able to decide to hire, improve or fire the employees, also to switch products to sale, etc. I though after defeating the game I would have the option to keep playing on 'earn as much as possible endless type of game' but not possible, It just kept replaying the last level. Not fun. Hope they come with a saga that allows you to keep playing past the goal, until you are multi-billionaire or get bored, whatever happens first, lol.
 | Added on: February 16, 2014
With all the great reviews I had high hopes for the game but I was very disappointed. Overall it was boring and while the bosses and the wanted signs were funny that was the best part of this game. Just wish it had a little more...something.
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