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  • Escape a prison within the mind in this paranormal Hidden Object adventure.
  • Venture through an altered dimension to break a curse upon you.
  • Locate important objects and solve tricky puzzles.
  • This game is intended for mature audiences.

Game Description

Decipher the messages in your mind to free yourself with Whispers, a chilling adventure through the mysterious.

Charlotte's final year at the University of New Orleans revolves around her thesis on the American Civil War. To learn more, she works with her professor in search of a vanished military cemetery. After searching for hours through dark and dingy swamps, they finally locate this forgotten relic. As night falls however, they discover what should have been left undisturbed.

Follow Charlotte as her world turns upside down in this spine-tingling tale. Learn what has happened to her and how she can break free from her prison. Speak with other trapped souls, locate important objects, and solve tricky puzzles. Only your wits and keen vision can help you on this journey. Will you be able to listen to the whispers?

Find out when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Whispers today!
Genre:  Hidden Object