Voodoo Whisperer - Curse of a Legend
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Voodoo Whisperer - Curse of a Legend 

Save an entire town under the control of a slumbering spell in Voodoo Whisperer - Curse of a Legend Deluxe, an unsettling journey through 19th Century New Orleans. When a dark force settles over New Orleans and places the entire town under a curse, Lillian is the only one who can stop the mysterious forces at work. She must find allies and uncover the secrets of voodoo to save her friends.

  • help a young priestess save New Orleans in this dark hidden object adventure
  • walk the streets of the old town and cast an evil spell away
  • search for answers, locate ingredients and create spells, and play tantalizing mini-games
  • meet odd characters both the living and deceased
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Reviews of Voodoo Whisperer - Curse of a Legend
 | Added on: September 26, 2011
This game wasn't too hard. Some of the objects weren't easy to find. The story kept me moving forward despite the junk pile sifting that I had to do on the hidden object areas. The puzzles ranged from very easy to having to think a little. The ending was unexpected, and I didn't see it coming at the time that it did. As the description says, "This game is intended for mature audiences." This is not a kid friendly game. The storyling was good but the gameplay itself wasn't very original. I'm not sure if I would play through it again. Waiting for the next installment. To the creators: LESS JUNK PILES!
 | Added on: September 27, 2011
This is what all games should be. Great story, fluid, makes you think. One of the best I have played in a long time.
 | Added on: September 27, 2011
I really was excited for another Voodoo game, ok, do not get me wrong, I am not into Voodoo but the last voodoo game had me hooked! Great storyline, graphics, puzzles, HO, etc. I really enjoyed this one and it lasted longer than a couple of hours! So tired of these short ones I can do in less than an hour! Definitely worth a try and a buy!
 | Added on: September 26, 2011
This is a very good game to play, just the right amount of challenging parts to it, so you have to think of what you can do next, plenty of hints when you do get stuck or cant find something, the story is very interesting but i was a bit disappointed at the end of it, i wont spoil it for anyone though, except to say cant wait for the 2nd installment to arrive. im sure you wont be let down by this game at all if you purchase it, its well worth it, enjoy..
 | Added on: November 10, 2011
The game was good. It was far to easy to find the hiiden objects though. Graphics were ok and I did like the story line. It is about a young girl trying to help the whole town as a curse has been placed on them. Wandering around the family mansion got a bit boring. However, you just have to stay involved as it gets better than in a flash you find yourself with nothing. Whaaaaaaaaaa!!!
 | Added on: September 26, 2011
The scenery is very nice, though personally I don't really like the main character design. Good music, very ominous and thrilling. No character voice though. Nice HO, I only used hints mostly for things I don't even know what they are (e.g. pen nib and tons of others :D ). It's clearly drawn, but still well hidden. You can use the magnifier on lower left corner to make things bigger though, useful for small objects. Hint recharges pretty fast, though sometimes not so useful outside of HO. Good puzzles, and skipable. Most are manageable, though the billiard balls drove me nut, don't even know how it worked. Lots of tasks to do, and some back and forth. Can be frustrating sometimes because the hint is mostly useless here. Not kid-friendly and not good replay. Ending is "to be continued." I don't know if it's in the platinum edition or for a sequel. Which reminds me how much I hate that platinum :P, why not just premium? Overall, this game is recommended, but you have to try out for yourself because it can irritate some players.
 | Added on: September 26, 2011
Finally a really good HOG. Good story line, Puzzles that weren't to easy but that were solvable without a hint. Good game length! Finding items in different scenes made the game interesting and the different scenes made sense. You know what objects to look for because it followed a pattern of necessity for the game to continue. Really pleased. It's been awhile since a really good game came out with good value. Thank you!
 | Added on: November 18, 2011
This game has it all – a great storyline, great graphics, interesting use of a magnifying glass, special tools to help you advance in the game, a quick refilling hint button. It would have earned a well deserved five stars rating except for the three little words suddenly appearing on your screen “To be continued”. A marketing ploy? Well I doubt that I am the only frustrated customer.
 | Added on: September 30, 2011
I found nothing that I disliked with this game. I recommend this to all mature gammers. Like others have commented, this is not in MHO a child's game
 | Added on: October 5, 2011
I enjoyed playing this one but I thought it a bit short, especially when I got to the end and - *POOF*! - the "to be continued" screen came up. I played in the relaxed mode and still found the game to be challenging. Some of the HOs were very small or very well hidden so the magnifying glass was a nice feature they incorporated into the game. I also appreciated the fact that the designers incorporated the "area has been cleared" message to let you know that nothing else needed to be done at a particular location, saving you the shoe leather of having to go back there to see if you've forgotten anything. I thought the concept was original but don't see much replay value unless you want to tackle any puzzles you may have skipped the first time around. It's worth giving this one a try.
 | Added on: September 26, 2011
The graphics in this HOG were outstanding. Game wasn't too hard and there wasn't a lot of going to and fro, which drives me crazy. I wished it had gone on longer than it did!
 | Added on: September 26, 2011
This was an interesting game and great scenes but I didn't want to pay for the Premium game since I have Fun Pass and the regular game didn't have the strategy book of the Premium game. That makes the game hard, and I played the easier version of this game! The clues were not helpful and would only direct you to a page, but often that wasn't enough because the thing you would be looking for was so hidden, like the herb in the flower box on the house. You had to put your cursor right on it or you'd miss it, which I did several times, and the hints never pointed to it. Had to resort to a walkthrough on another website several times which should not be necesary. It was a very short game too.
 | Added on: October 5, 2011
An excellent game but very disappointing ending . . . "to be continued". It means we have to purchase the next game to finish this one. I couln't give it the 5th star because of the ending.
 | Added on: March 20, 2013
Hopefully part 2 is coming because I would hate to think that I will never know the answers to the big questions in this one... So,about gameplay...The graphics were really crisp,the HOSs were a touch challenging and the storyline was good...All those things together make a good game in my eyes...I liked that it stated "area cleared" when I was done in a specific place...and I liked having to make little "voodoo dolls" to help the folks out... I can see were the 2nd part comes in and wait with fingers crossed that they deliver the sequel to us soon... Over all I would rate it a 3.8 myself,but thats not an option,so I opted to round up,not down,because it is a good-solid , well put together storyline, somewhat involved,good paced plot and as always,HAPPY GAMING EVERYONE !!!!
 | Added on: December 21, 2012
This game had a good story line, but was difficult in the follow through. I'm very experienced, but found myself too often having to get a hint because the next clue within a given scene was almost impossible to find. The difficulty of the mini games varied from quite easy to really difficult. Often you had to go back to scenes you were "sure" were finished, so the back and forth was annoying. The final blow was, of course that the game cut you off and said "To Be Continued." I've never seen that and was really unhappy with the cutoff. I think the developers need to rework this game to make it smoother, and then finish the story! It's as if they couldn't wait to get it on the market, but professionalism of the details is thus missing.
 | Added on: October 3, 2011
I enjoyed this game. It has a good story and the HOG scenes are actually pretty challenging. Some of the objects are a bit hard to find, you have to be right on them to make it work. It could have been longer. I didn't really like the cliff hanger ending, but overall, it's a good game and I think others will enjoy it as well.
 | Added on: September 26, 2011
I enjoyed this adventure. Not too much running around, but there were some chapters that had you searching in 10 different locations, picking up one or two items you needed to complete the potion. Ending was a total surprise!
 | Added on: September 28, 2012
Great game, I loved the story line and variety of puzzles. One disappointing thing was that you couldn't finish the game because it was to be continued meaning another purchase to see how it ends
 | Added on: September 26, 2011
I've barely begun, just into the second chapter and already it's clear this is a keeper. Not as flashy (ie. good but not spectacular artwork) as the rest of my favourites, this game has a lot of original features as well as an interesting story. There are a few special attractions : A grimoire plus mortal & pestle that help keeping track of your ingredients for spells, as well as just being cool. A magnifying glass in the HO scenes is a wonderful innovation. The HO scenes are particularly good - relevant objects, crisp and clean, no distortions, The puzzles are innovative twist on common ones. Difficulty: Two levels available. I chose "regular'. The level of difficulty in all three aspects - HO, puzzle, quest - are all roughly the same and just about right for a goodish player. Put the thinking cap on, but no need to stock up on valium. Its too soon into the story for me to evaluate it or comment on replay, but I'm betting it's all there.
 | Added on: October 17, 2011
I really liked this game. The graphics were good and the objects were well hidden. It takes place in the 1800's so it was interesting to see things like "stereoscope" and "pen nibs" as things to find. Sometimes I didn't even know what the object was so, again, it was interesting. Each area cleared indicated such which I always like in games. I was really getting involved and then suddenly..poof! It was over and I got a "to be continued". I HATE that whether it's a television show or a game! The game was short so maybe Gameagents could have made the game longer and forgotten about the "to be continued" bit. Not sure it's a good value to buy when it's this short.
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