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Trapped Stats
  • Step into the shoes of a young woman fighting for her life
  • Solve and escape devious traps designed by a lunatic
  • Explore dark and twisted locations to rediscover your identity
  • Stay focused and be on the lookout for more traps
  • Turn the tables on your malicious kidnapper

Game Description

Escape a sadistic madman in Trapped - The Abduction, a suspenseful hidden object game that will grip you with fear!

What was a normal day has turned into a nightmare for a young woman who awakens locked in the back of a trunk. Unaware of what happened, who she is, or what is about to occur, she now finds herself at the mercy of her captor. Worse still, her every step is being watched and followed by this lunatic who has laid out a series of traps to make sure she never escapes!

Experience the fright of this terrifying situation as you step into the shoes of the young woman and fight for your life. Escape the traps by finding helpful items, solving devious puzzles, and deciphering strange codes. Explore dark and twisted locations to rediscover your identity as well as that of your kidnapper. Stay focused and be very careful because what seems like the exit might actually lead to another trap!

Try the free trial version of Trapped - The Abduction or download the full-unlimited version and find your way out!