The Tiny Bang Story 

 The Tiny Bang Story
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The Tiny Bang Story Stats
  • Restore a marvelous little planet in this incredible Hidden Object masterpiece.
  • Search for detailed items required to fix imaginative machines.
  • Need some help? Check out the Tiny Bang Story Walkthrough
  • Solve delightful adventure and mini-game style puzzles.
  • Gather hints using a clever collecting mechanic.
  • Enjoy beautifully illustrated scenes and a soothing soundtrack.

Game Description

Put a magical world back together in The Tiny Bang Story, a breathtaking blend of hidden objects and wonderful puzzles.

A tiny world breaks into pieces after a wayward asteroid hits the fragile planet. Only you can put everything back in place to recover its lost beauty and help the population. To do so however, you'll have to solve numerous puzzles and fix imaginative machines through five astounding chapters.

Search the beautifully illustrated scenes for the pieces required to repair marvelous contraptions. Solve adventure and mini-game style puzzles that aren't just fun, but challenging as well. It's a delight that the entire family can enjoy! With stunning scenery, a relaxing soundtrack, and a silent story that incites your imagination, this is one title that will amaze you with its simplicity.

Critics call The Tiny Bang Story "a phenomenal game that everyone should experience" and "a joy to play from start to finish". See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of The Tiny Bang Story today!
Genre:  Hidden Object