The Timebuilders - Pyramid Rising 2
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The Timebuilders - Pyramid Rising 2 

An ancient papyrus foretells the cataclysmic end of Egypt. Build 8 majestic temples as fast as you can to prevent the end of the dynasty in The Timebuilders – Pyramid Rising 2, an exhilarating time management challenge that takes you back in time to ancient Egypt.

You are called to replace the Pharaoh's ailing head architect. Build temples quickly before the four moon-cycle ends. The fate of the 18th Dynasty rests in your hands. You must skillfully manage your resources, masterfully negotiate access of roads, and strategically avoid enemies to succeed.

Save the dynasty when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of The Timebuilders – Pyramid Rising 2 today!

  • Challenge your time management and strategy skills through 42 exhilarating levels.
  • Race the clock for a Gold, Silver, or Bronze hourglass at each level.
  • Construct 8 majestic temples in honor of the Egyptian gods before the end of the four moon-cycle.
  • Earn golden scarabs to purchase potent power-ups and increase your efficiency.
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Reviews of The Timebuilders - Pyramid Rising 2
 | Added on: June 30, 2014
This game is very much like its predecessor. There are no surprises, and the game becomes quite repetitive. The levels can be won fairly easily. Still, there is entertainment here. Between the thieves and the mummies you hae to keep a close watch. And even though most of the moves are repetitive, it's still an entertaining game good for all ages.
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