The Timebuilders - Pyramid Rising 

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The Timebuilders - Pyramid Rising Stats
  • Become the architect of Egypt in the fabulous Time Management experience.
  • Manage resources and build structures to please the god Amen-Ra.
  • Earn golden scarabs to build the most beautiful pyramids ever made.
  • Hire workers and fend off alligator attacks.

Game Description

Return hope to the citizens of Egypt in Timebuilders - Pyramid Rising, an exceptional endeavor to manage resources.

Assistant to the royal architect Senmut, you have been appointed the daunting task of reconstructing villages and restoring the glory of Egypt. Only you can save the people from banishment to eternal darkness by the mighty god Amen-Ra.

Start by guiding your workers in rebuilding living quarters, then work your way to constructing the grandest pyramids ever known. Manage your resources correctly as you earn more golden scarabs to continue the process. Hire workers, upgrade factories, and even fend off alligators in this quest to help your people.

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