The Timebuilders - Caveman's Prophecy 

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The Timebuilders - Caveman's Prophecy Stats
  • Compatible with OS X 10.7
  • Get prehistoric man out of the caves in this charming Time Management experience.
  • Manage resources and build structures in 40 wonderful levels.
  • Create fancy new inventions to help your cave people.
  • Discover lands filled with dinosaurs, carnivorous plants, and saber-toothed kittens.

Game Description

Travel back to a time when dinosaurs ruled in The Timebuilders - Caveman's Prophecy for Mac, a colorful resource management game.

Searching through caves for helpful items, a young cavewoman and her son come across a magical egg. This egg speaks and volunteers to help them with improving their lives. The first step is to leave the caves and build shelters out in the lush prairies. At first, the tribe leader resists but realizes that if his tribe hopes to thrive, there is no other way.

Guide the tribe out of the cave and into the open world in this fabulous adventure. Use your skills to manage the people, build houses, and gather resources in 40 wonderful levels. Discover new lands filled with dinosaurs, carnivorous plants, and mischievous saber-toothed kittens. As you begin to build and thrive, you'll create awesome inventions, earn fabulous rewards, and ultimately build your own prehistoric town.

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