The Magician's Handbook II - BlackLore
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The Magician's Handbook II - BlackLore 

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Grab your trusty wand and defeat an evil magician pirate in The Magician's Handbook II, a hidden object adventure that returns you to a magical world beyond your wildest imagination! Two years have passed since you last opened The Magician's Handbook and that adventure is now nothing but a memory. The book has gone silent and its pages are completely blank. You have finally moved on except that this day, your life is about to get interesting once again! The evil magician pirate BlackLore has captured all of the world's magicians and fairies but one has escaped to warn you. Using their magic to power his flying pirate ship, he has terrorized all who get in his way - and now you're next on his list! Venture into magical lands where ghosts still haunt, trees talk, and witches capture their visitors in order to save your enchanted friends. Locate important hidden objects in beautifully hand-drawn locations. Unlock helpful magical items, learn powerful new spells and solve challenging puzzles of many kinds. Try the free trial version or shift the balance of magic back to good and download the full version of The Magician's Handbook II - BlackLore, and try not to become his next victim!

  • An exciting new sequel to The Magician's Handbook
  • Enter a world where ghosts haunt, trees talk, and witches scheme
  • Feast your eyes on beautiful hand-drawn locations
  • Learn powerful spells to overcome challenging obstacles
  • Defeat the evil pirate magician and save your friends!
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Reviews of The Magician's Handbook II - BlackLore
 | Added on: July 6, 2010
A game full of tasks and over-populated scenes ... some objects are blurry or look pasted, some items are extremely small or hidden in the dark. The concept and tasks towards goals does keep you extremely busy. Also, the forever searching for the special-keys, to open the safe-haven trunks. Many of the background scenes may not be good for younger children - a bit on the dark side with tree faces with eyes, ghosts, symbols, ect ... Overall, an interesting game that will appeal to some. I discontinued play on Chapter 3 - rated two-stars as for play up until that time.
 | Added on: December 6, 2013
The hidden objects were next to impossible to find at times as the graphics are not sharp and some of the scenes are quite dark. However, it was an interesting game with enough variety. The mini games were challenging but not impossible.
 | Added on: November 4, 2010
After playing and enjoying the story line of Magicians Handbook Cursed Valley I had to try this one. It did not let me down. I loved the humor. Since it is challenging to locate the hidden objects (although hints are plentiful in this game) the parent should decide if the game is appropriate for their kids age. Decidedly a game worth playing.
 | Added on: July 13, 2010
I love this game! It's hard for a change, good story, lots of clicking scenes, and makes you figure things out. It is winnable! You get all the time and opportunity to go back and pick up keys, redo scenes to get better scores, and if you give it some time you can figure out the strategy. It took me a long time to figure out some great hints that aren't so obvious. I'll say, watch the things that fly around :) I just find this game a real challenge for the more experienced Hidden Object lovers. And as others have commented on the graphics, I think they are wonderful and some objects are intentionally not as clear as you're use to, but they definately make sense. It's true, it's a hard game, but it's totally doable. A lot of effort went into this game, and I appreciate that! And btw, I've gotten every key and every object, I did have to use the hint buttom, but I try not to. Often what you are looking for is right before your eyes. Great value!
 | Added on: October 5, 2011
Although primarily a hidden objects game, it also has other types of puzzles scattered throughout to keep things interesting. You have a choice between fast, timed play and easy untimed relaxation. The more challenging puzzles have a "skip" or escape built in which will keep it available to younger players and those with low frustration levels. All in all, a good game for the single player or a family.
 | Added on: September 18, 2009
Love the graphics and the choice of wands. The spells are fun too.
 | Added on: June 10, 2010
Bought this to give my 8yr old grandson something to do on the plane. We all enjoyed it. We liked the 3d type graphics because it made it more challenging to see some things. Nice family game. Not too grown for children. Need a Gamehouse App for my Blackberry.
 | Added on: March 3, 2013
I have played both of the Magicians Handbook game as I was drawn in by the storyline and the objective of the gameplay. However, both I and II have extremely convoluted scenes and mostly tiny objects to find. If you like difficult hidden object games, like to be timed (though you have the option not to be) along with some spell casting mini games with little direction, you will enjoy this game. I think my overall attitude after playing a while was determination. I Will finish this game! about the 8th level a lot of the items became even more difficult to find than the earlier ones. I did enjoy some aspects of the game, and though there is a lot of room for replay, I am done. When it became determination over enjoyment, it stopped being fun for me. Good luck to all of you hardcore HO fans!
 | Added on: January 6, 2010
The graphics are not real good, a little fuzzy and unclear as I am used to i games such as these. keeps interest and am replayig for second time and is different. Keys are too hard to find in some of the screens due to draphic quality, but do enjoy game and puzzles. Good family game I think, no offensive or suggestive material noted.
 | Added on: July 29, 2010
The poor quality of the graphics have been mentioned here already, so I can't do anything but agree with those who've already said it. The premise is actually kind of interesting and I enjoyed some of the puzzles, but as with most HOGs, it's more of just finding obscure items over and over. I liked the idea of the keys you can collect to earn prizes, but some of them are pretty darned hard to find. I like the idea of creating spells to utilize, but I'm not quite sure how placing items in a picture to match another picture qualifies as creating spells. Surely there's a more interesting and realistic way to do this? Overall, I played it for free and wouldn' purchase it, and I liked the idea and the story, but someone in development needs to rethink the clutter and blurry, undefined objects.
 | Added on: March 8, 2010
Okay I'll start off with the good about this game as I was very hesitant to play it but it's definitely addictive. It's not the typical HOG game where you will finish it in just a few hours unless you're a genius at this! LOL! There's lots to do here. Lots of things to find and the puzzles are quite challenging and thinky in my opinion. The not so good about this game as mentioned by other reviews is the graphics which makes it harder to locate things and sometimes becomes a little frustrating. It was also mentioned that this game doesn't penalize you. It may not be for wrong clicks, but it definitely "penalizes" because it grades you at the end of each chapter. I did get an A on a few, some B's but mostly C's cause I had to skip a few puzzles as they just didn't make any sense to me and those where the chapters I received a C on (skip puzzles). I did purchase the game and I don't regret doing so. Overall I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
 | Added on: September 25, 2009
Despite lower-quality graphics than most of us might be accostomed to, this game is quite good. The pace is relaxing - no timers & no penalty for wrong clicks. I liked that there are bonuses to find (some of these are very hard) that will win you extra things, specifically hints. There were also some creative puzzles. A very nice game.
 | Added on: October 28, 2010
A fun search game, items are not always easy to find, keeps you looking and thinking.
 | Added on: April 25, 2012
This game is a real plus in that you have relaxed mode option. You get 5 hints, then after that you get one at a time that charge up very slowly. I had to use a lot of hints because some of the items were very hard to find.
 | Added on: March 1, 2010
The graphics in this game were so fuzzy that it stripped me of any chance to enjoy this game. The items blur into the background and I found so frustrating that I just stopped playing 10 minutes into the demo. I didn't make it far enough to tell how the game-play was, although there was a fun aspect where you ffind a hidden key in each screen, that you can use in a treasure chest area to open chests. However, again, I was so distracted by the poor quality graphics that it didn't seem worth it.
 | Added on: October 24, 2011
I thought the graphics were okay, but the HOG and the puzzles were very difficult. I play a lot of hidden object games and rarely use hints, but this game makes you wish the hint would reload quicker. I will admit I am not big on brain teasers, but these puzzles were next to impossible. If you are exceptionally brainy and have perfect eye sight you might enjoy this game, but I found it too difficult to be entertaining.
 | Added on: September 1, 2010
I found this game to be a tad frustrating. Some of the puzzles just didn't make a lot of sense and took away the joy of the game. Skip this one - there are WAY better HOG games out there!
 | Added on: April 16, 2013
If you are into Harry Potter and simular genre you will like this game. It is kid friendly however I think the younger kids may need help. There is enough difficulty for adults to enjoy it. If you are not into the arcane and learning spells this may not be for you. There are places you can skip though you go down a grade but you can always replay and try to improve.
 | Added on: February 1, 2010
A very challenging game regarding finding the objects and keys. Some are easier to find than others (which, sometimes were hidden too well). Hours of fun, though! There's no way you can finish this game too fast .... there's too much to do! The graphics don't have that "wow" factor, but it does take time to find everything in the murkiness. Good thing you don't have a timer! Overall a great game and I would recommend it ....
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