The Cross Formula 

 The Cross Formula
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The Cross Formula Stats
  • Clear your name in this thrilling point-and-click Adventure game.
  • Outlast the police while uncovering a secret murder plot.
  • Retrace your steps back to a UFO fanatic's trailer and a secret military base.
  • Solve puzzles and meet characters to piece together your past.

Game Description

Discover your true identity before it's too late in The Cross Formula, a treacherous race to prove your innocence.

You wake in a roadside motel with no memory of who you are but the police suspect you of murdering a well-known professor in subliminal imagery. All the while, someone keeps sending you strange text messages and bits of a cryptic code flash through your mind. What is this formula and why does it have such a powerful hold over you?

Search for clues to rediscover your identity and prove your innocence. Retrace your steps back to an old diner, a UFO fanatic's trailer, and a secret underground military base. As you dive deeper, you'll find yourself tangled up with experiments in mind control. Solve puzzles, talk with quirky characters, and look for items to piece together your story and what really happened. Perhaps the things you're trying to remember are things that you wanted to forget.

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Genre:  Action