The Beast of Lycan Isle 

 The Beast of Lycan Isle
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The Beast of Lycan Isle Stats
  • Tame the terrifying Wolf King to save a friend in this Hidden Object adventure.
  • Explore a mysterious island in search for clues of her whereabouts.
  • Wield extraordinary powers and unleash your own animal within.
  • Solve masterful puzzles that stand in the way of finding the truth.

Game Description

Explore a land of nightmares to stop a dangerous cult in The Beast of Lycan Isle, a dangerous monster mystery.

Tara asks Luna to meet her at an ancient village on a remote island. When Luna arrives however, Tara is nowhere to be found. Something isn't quite right and as Luna begins to investigate, she uncovers the existence of a dangerous cult known as the Madra Alta. Tara has become their prisoner and will be used to summon the Wolf King.

Help Luna save her best friend as she races to stop this evil cult and prevent the Wolf King from rising. Explore the mysterious island and search for clues about what is happening and how it can be stopped. Wield extraordinary powers and use them to uncover facts and solve puzzles. You must rely on fearless wit and a few trusted allies, including your own inner animal if you hope to defeat this Lycan cult.

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Genre:  Hidden Object