Tales from the Dragon Mountain 2 - The Lair 

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Tales from the Dragon Mountain 2 - The Lair Stats
  • Follow a trail of clues to find the pathway to the lair of Lord Strix.
  • Meet and interact with mythical creatures.
  • Use your creativity to solve clever puzzling minigames.
  • Explore unique and curious fantasy locations.

Game Description

Help Mina and Malik defeat the evil Lord Strix again before he takes over the world in Tales from the Dragon Mountain 2 – The Lair, a clever and magical hidden object adventure that will take you to curious realms.

Umberto has requested that Malik bring Mina Lockheart to defeat Lord Stix before he can command the army he's been breeding to enslave all the creatures of the world. Travel to distant parts of the world collecting clues that will lead you to the hidden wasteland where you will battle with the forces of evil.

Search and discover new places, but hurry when you play the free trial version or download the full version of Tales from the Dragon Mountain 2 – The Lair today!
Genre:  Hidden Object