Sparkle Unleashed 

 Sparkle Unleashed
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Sparkle Unleashed Stats
  • Strategize your aim for regular matches as well as chained orbs, rock orbs, and more.
  • Supercharge your aim with an arsenal of 18 potent power-ups.
  • Play 108 challenging levels.
  • Choose Survival Mode and two additional difficulty settings.

Game Description

Clear the ominous darkness and relight the magical braziers of these enchanted lands in Sparkle Unleashed, an orb shooting, match-3 adventure. Bring the fallen lands back to life and out of perpetual stillness by unleashing the orbs to banish the darkness forever.

Progressively collect golden keys and unlock 18 potent power-ups as you conquer the darkness in 108 challenging levels. Alternatively, choose to play Survival mode or two additional difficulty settings. Aim the floating orb slinger at the string of moving orbs to make colorful matches. Be entered in to the Book of Achievements for your diligence at each phase.

Aim well and fire away when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Sparkle Unleashed today!
Genre:  Match 3