Slingshot Puzzle
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Slingshot Puzzle 

Play Slingshot Puzzle Deluxe, a unique puzzle game! The goal of the game is to shoot the ball into the hole. Sounds simple enough, but there are many obstacles in the way. Click the bow, move your mouse to aim and increase the speed of your shot, and release the mouse to shoot the ball. Can you finish every level within three shots? Find out as you play Slingshot Puzzle Deluxe!

  • play more than 140 challenging levels in this unique puzzle game
  • learn how to play quickly with useful guides
  • discover 8 different worlds to play in
  • earn achievements for collecting 100 diamonds, smashing 10 ice blocks, and more
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Reviews of Slingshot Puzzle
 | Added on: September 20, 2013
I'm surprised this game is from Alawar. The instructions are barely there. The idea is to pull back on a spring-loaded cannon, kind of like a pinball machine, and get the angle right so as to take out three sapphires before the ball goes into the hole. The graphics are excellent, but that's the only thing good about this game. The mechanism releases the ball very slowly, even when pulled back all the way, so there is very little board action before the ball just rolls to a stop. Even if you have the correct angle, you wonder if the ball will have enough momentum to get to the hole. A very disappointing game. Give this one a pass.
 | Added on: September 2, 2013
Graphics are sensational (5 stars). It's too bad someone left out most of the instructions. Even the icons for the options don't have labels. While there are some basic instructions, they don't answer all of the questions on how to play. For example, when the ball stops in the middle of the playing field, what do I do now? There is a redo button (with no caption), but then why are there additional balls? And how do you get another ball? (Click on the cannon.) As soon as you collect a diamond, the level ends before you have a chance to finish using the balls or collecting all of the diamonds. If this sounds confusing, that's the point I'm trying to make. A lack of complete instructions is such an obvious flaw, and my patience lasted just a short time before I quit. A shame.
 | Added on: October 6, 2013
I downloaded this game and loved it from the start. I use to play a lot of pool and this is just like taking pool shots. Yes, you do have to figure out the rules as they don't show or tell you what to do. Other than that, it's quite enjoyable.
 | Added on: September 2, 2013
Quit this game early. There is no guidance, hints, or any help at all in this game. When I downloaded it, my player name was already there, so I must have tried to play this game before. Gamehouse has been re-issuing a lot of games lately. This is not the game for me. Others who are a lot more patient may like it.
 | Added on: October 23, 2013
This game was so much fun. If you play pool, it is just a game of bank shots for the most part. I had to go back and replay most of my levels to get all the blue lights and get the gold shooting ball into the hole all in one shot. But I did finish all of the levels with all gold cups in one shot per level. I agree with other reviewers that the instructions are lousy and there should be words on the icons and buttons. I will also say, "I wish there were more levels to play."
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