Skeleton Pirates
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Skeleton Pirates 

Vicious skeleton pirates are coming for the treasure maps! Arm the deck and fight an onslaught of the most rancorous boney crew to ever set sail in Skeleton Pirates, a strategy game in the style of Plants vs. Zombies that takes the fight to a new whole new level.

The array of ammunition is choice. There are powerful standard cannons, cheaper short-range cannons, bombs, and more. Hold the advancing bones at bay with crates and chests. Collect gold stars to keep your ammo loaded. Collect silver stars to acquire and deploy new weapons. Tame pesky parrots and keep them from damaging your stash. Scan the whole deck to maintain an effective strategy.

For the most powerful win, know your friends, your foe, and your ammo when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Skeleton Pirates today!

  • As captain of your ship, safe guard treasure maps from marauding skeleton pirates.
  • Choose from multiple level settings and three different game modes.
  • Play progressively challenging levels.
  • Strategically deploy uniquely specialized weapons for maximum defense.
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Reviews of Skeleton Pirates
 | Added on: September 2, 2013
I’ve been enjoying this game quite a bit. If you loved Plants vs Zombies, then this is your type of game. Pros: Lots of strategy involved, different weapons and power-ups to choose from, different zombies to fight. Endless levels and mini-games. Cons: Not as lovingly designed as Plants vs Zombies. The graphics are cute, but not as crisp or engaging as they could be. The tutorial could be a lot more detailed.
 | Added on: October 5, 2013
Kind of same general idea as Plants V Zombies, but not nearly the sophistication. Graphics are ok. Game moves slow so the availability to progress at a reasonable pace is poor. Great way to introduce young kids to this type of game. Although all mine are addicted to Plants V Zombie and think this one is lame.
 | Added on: August 31, 2013
Another game like P vs Z. This one is almost as good. The sound effects are fun and so is the parrot you get to "ponk." Instead of power flowers you have chests of silver. However, you better also have at least one chest of gold or you will run out of ammo. Pirates shot holes in your ship - so for those levels, buy wood. The big barrel is far preferable to the little wooden box and the double shot cannon is preferrable to the catapult. While I have given it five stars out of the pure and simple joy of finding a like so like P vs Z, I miss the color of P vs Z. Also, I wish the birds that deliver you gold and silver were not so clunky looking. The parott is really cute so I don't know why the developers went half way on the blue and gold birds. I definitely would purchase and have purchased, especially if you like P vs Z.
 | Added on: September 5, 2013
This game is, mechanically, Plants vs. Zombies. It has substantially less charm. If you do not have access to Plants vs. Zombies, it is fun, somewhat challenging, and good for a chuckle here and there. If you do have access to Plants vs. Zombies, I can't think why you would play this.
 | Added on: November 30, 2013
 | Added on: August 31, 2013
I love playing these kind of games, very similar to Plants vs Zombies. But some of the weapons icons on the top don't show pictures, just rope knots, which makes it difficult to remember what weapons one has. I assume this is a bug and wanted to post about it on the forum. But I cannot add a new forum topic, when I try it directs me to my Gamehouse account page. All a bit weird... I hope this weapon icon's issue can be sorted out ASAP. Otherwise good game.
 | Added on: August 30, 2013
I was surprised to discover that this game is a Plants-vs-Zombies-type of a game Instead of zombies, there are those skeleton pirates that are trying to steal your treasure maps, and instead of plants, you have cannons that shoots, chests that would produce money for you to buy weapons, it's actually more challenging because you must also buy ammo for your weapons or else they will stop shooting. Finally another game like PvZ that is up to the task, I would recommend for kids and adults alike, it's fun and worth to play.
 | Added on: September 6, 2013
I really wanted to like this game. I almost bought it sight unseen just to encourage more Plants vs. Zombies knock-offs. But I played the demo, and decided not to buy it after all, as it is just not as fun as its predecessor. The major sticking point for me is that skeletons don't show damage, so you have no idea if you've hurt them and they are nearly destroyed, or if they are going to break through. They just suddenly collapse, having looked the same until that moment. The hat skeletons are still wearing their hats when they collapse. The shielded ones do lose their shields first, but show no other signs of damage. I find this omission ridiculous, as they do show damage on weapons. There are other problems, as others have mentioned. The game is just not as cute as P v. Z, your weapons don't have faces, the sounds aren't as entertaining, when you kill skeletons they don't give you stuff, and the tutorial is less than minimal. And you need a tutorial, because there are some additional elements that are interesting, like parrots and limited ammo. But they weren't enough to save this game for me.
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