Settlement - Colossus 

 Settlement - Colossus
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Settlement - Colossus Stats
  • Lead your people to greatness in this Hidden Object and Strategy game mix.
  • Raise a new empire after angering a powerful god.
  • Search for food and materials to develop the growing community.
  • Visit over 60 locations and obtain 30 different resources.
  • Play more than 50 mini-games to gain over 100 unique upgrades.

Game Description

Create an empire from the ground up with Settlement - Colossus, and lead your people to greatness in this epic adventure!

After angering the god Helios, a powerful army defeated your kingdom. Sent to wander the lands with only a tribe of followers, it's been 300 years since you reigned supreme. Now, a new location for a settlement has been found and you can start rebuilding your kingdom. Raise a new empire and obtain forgiveness from Helios to save your people.

Gather resources, exploring over 62 locations, and build accommodations as you care for your people and attract new citizens. Teach your subjects how to procure food and building materials, research new abilities and construct functional buildings. Find more than 7,000 items, play over 50 mini-games and obtain more than 100 upgrades. Remember, the more beautiful and developed your new settlement is, the more attractive for new citizens it will become!

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Settlement Colossus, and see why critics call this a "lengthy adventure" that is "solid and enjoyable", plus "unique and refreshing"!