Nightmares from the Deep - The Cursed Heart Platinum Edition
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Nightmares from the Deep - The Cursed Heart Platinum Edition 

Nightmares from the Deep - The Cursed Heart Deluxe, is a thrilling pirate adventure. Three hundred years after walking the plank, Captain Remington's body becomes part of the newest museum exhibit. Your duty is to bring the exhibit to life. But the Captain rises from the dead and plans for revenge. His first step is to take your daughter. Bring her safely home in this unbelievable adventure.

  • challenge the pirate face-to-face
  • look for important objects
  • enjoy dynamic scenery and solve clever puzzles
  • collect cursed doubloons
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Reviews of Nightmares from the Deep - The Cursed Heart Platinum Edition
 | Added on: November 9, 2014
This game is awesome. It takes a little time to play, but, it is worth it. There is a great storyline and good adventure. The hidden object games are well placed, the graphics are excellent and I would strongly recommend it for anyone, especially those who love a good pirate adventure!
 | Added on: April 8, 2013
I think this is one of the better games I have played. The storyline at least was interesting, came to a conclusion and was fun to follow. I loved the graphics (though the voices and the mouth moving did not sync) - especially the pirate with the coins! It kept me occupied for several hours and was glad it was not just finding random hidden objects.
 | Added on: April 7, 2013
Didn't like this as well as other reviewers did. It had great scenes and sensational FX, but it was back and forth, ship to mountain, cave, etc. There was a map but you couldn't get to a place by going to the map. The hint button was generous in Casual Mode so I used it a lot to get around. Liked the story but there was a lot to read, and that went slowly too, so I skipped a lot of it. The old man who took the coins was slimy and grotesque, but he really slowed up the action. Neat HO scenes. Could have been a lot better game, but well worth playing.
 | Added on: April 23, 2013
It was an enjoyable game although I thought that there was a little too much running around. I really liked the collecting of the doubloons to keep the story in perspective and it was a really good story. Nice HOGS, nice mini-games, all in all a very enjoyable experience.
 | Added on: April 15, 2013
 | Added on: April 8, 2013
I thought the beginning was silly, but got into it after that. A long dead pirate searching for the woman he lost through treachery. The hidden object scenes were crisp and clear, with only a few things difficult to find. A few items were misnamed but close enough to decipher with maybe one exception. The mini games were fun and not frustratingly difficult as some can be. The map was so helpful I only used the guide once but it great to have them both handy. There was a nice little wrap up with the extra game at the end. The game did not "blow me away" but it was good enough so I enjoyed the time spent playing.
 | Added on: April 9, 2013
This is a very nice game. On the plus side, the graphics are good, and the scenes are well drawn with plenty of light. I played in the more Difficult Mode, which meant I had to hunt for items outside the actual HO scenes themselves, but I enjoy that. I thought the HO scenes were a bit more difficult than normal, and the mini games, while not particularly difficult, were interesting. The story line, other than the absurd scenes in the museum, is good and holds your interest. But there are some negatives too. There is a lot of back-and-forth, which I always find frustrating, but you do move very quickly, so it doesn't take up a lot of extra time. I didn't find the maps to be of much use, but the hint button was so good at pointing you in the right direction that I didn't consult the guide until almost the end of the main story. A major irritant for me was the mislabeling of items to be found. Some of the names weren't even close. This seems to be a common problem with eastern European developers, but they are getting better with experience. A nice twist was the intriquing character guarding the box in the Captain's cabin. It was a unique and satisfying way to fill in background on the story. The main story ended reasonably well and was neatly concluded, but the bonus story actually brought the characters full circle. Without that story they would still be marooned. All in all, this is an entertaining game. The amount of back and forth and the consistent mislabeling of HO items kept me from giving this one five stars, but it was still very enjoyable to play.
 | Added on: April 8, 2013
Loved this game. The graphics were great and the storyline interesting if not sad. Game gets a little back and forth to collect objects you'll need, but if you use your map it will make it easier. HO scenes have an alternate maj jong game you can play instead. This makes it more interesting. Got me in the mood for a Rum Runner. Enjoy!
 | Added on: April 9, 2013
The plot: you have to rescue your fiance Elaine from the undead pirate LeChuck... ok wait, maybe not. Actually you're a mother rescuing her daughter from the undead pirate Henry Remington. Semantics, right? One undead pirate deserves another, or something like that anyway. Something about the green glowing dead guy just made me keep thinking of LeChuck [from the classic Monkey Island]. It plays smoothly enough, and its even fun, and would otherwise be not that bad of a game, if you can ever wrap your head around events being so patently ridiculous. It suffers a complete lack of believability all the way through. Bodies and items that stay intact, recognizable and clean after 300 years? Even 300 years underwater? Food doesnt get just nasty and "moldy", it disintegrates. Fresh lettuce in the ship's kitchen? Somehow the pirate curse/magic covers everything from the pirate to the ship to the cargo to the island, too?? Its just a huge insult to your intelligence. Just getting started was a tough as you'd have to be a very great fool to make the choices this main character starts with. I hated to do it, but of course you have no choice if you want to move the game forward, making stupid choices all the while muttering "Moron!" Somewhat of a spoiler here, but you're also you're expected to swallow an old agreement that includes a phrase something to the effect of "immortal, but in the event he dies..." - what part of "immortal" do the writers not get? Or the coins for the backstory cut scenes - great concept, but by the time you get these coins, you have already learned that part of the story from another source! Can you say redundant? There are a few translation problems in items, but nowhere is it more in evidence than in the bonus content- what few minutes there are of it, anyway! Be sure to check the outline of anything you dont immediately see, as there are far too many mistakes in those lists, as if the translator went on holiday for the bonus content, or just stopped cooperating with the artists. In one list you have to find "wires", which turn out to be yarn and knitting needle, and when the HO scene is complete, it miraculously remembers the correct name because it says you found the useful item "knitting needle". Occasionally the useful item you "found" you never actually found at all! I could talk more about mechanics, but I think that's quite enough to give you an idea of what you're in for with this game. It has some good points, but I spent most of the game shaking my head at how ridiculous it was. So if you enjoy some ridiculous unintentional laughs on the developer, and dont mind playing through a story that holds less water than a sieve, this could be your game.
 | Added on: April 22, 2013
enjoyed playing this game. the story was interesting. the graphics and music fit the story very well. the map was very useful in advancing in the game. i loved that you could play mahjong instead of finding the objects in the HO portion of the game. the mini games were challenging. very satisfying ending.
 | Added on: April 6, 2013
WOW I love pirates and I loved this game !!! The story was awesome,the HOS were just right,I loved the mini games,just challenging enough,the graphics were outstanding,the music was right for pirates and not bothersome at all and the hint button was helpful in HOS and to find direction,but I didnt use it... Voice acting was a bit lacking,but I dont play the games for the voice acting I play for the story and HOS and mini games and in this one they were all spot on !!!! Bonus chapter was really good too,I think they could have done an entire game around it if they had wanted to ... I dont think it would be too scary for say 10 and up,unless your child likes monsters and scary shows then it wouldn't be bad at all... I think its a good play and a fun evening,it took me about 5 hours,but I play a little slower than most because of grandson bottle breaks,lol... It seems a good value to me and I recommend it... as always HAPPY GAMING EVERYONE !!!
 | Added on: April 29, 2013
This is one addictive game! I loved the graphics, the mini games were really fun. Of course you did do a lot of running around, but it kept you involved in the game! The storyline was excellent. The maps, guides that help play this are perfect and it helps if you follow them. This is a game that can be played with the entire family on game night or just by yourself. Watch out its very addictive!!
 | Added on: April 7, 2013
This game was boring, and a waste of time. I don't get what's with the great reviews. There are so many great games out there. I played 30 minutes into the game and had to uninstall the game. It was unreal of how stupid and boring it was.
 | Added on: April 12, 2013
Enjoyed this game, the story line was good. I played the less difficult, maybe next time I'll try the difficult. HO's were very well lighted. Love that!!! No clicking around in the dark. The map helped (even though it's not a jump map) any map is better then none. Good length. Graphics are wonderful. Hint button recharges fast. Didn't have to use it a lot but sometimes when the map did not show me where I need to go next, it did help. Love choices as to difficulty, love maps and a quick recharge for the hint!!!! Thanks everyone for the reviews and the recommended games, helps a lot to choose what to play next. Not that I always rely on ratings. Everyone likes different things.
 | Added on: April 5, 2013
I really liked this game. Good graphics are a key to making a good game along w/interesting mini games. I wouldn't say this game was easy but using logic helped in knowing where and what to do next. It is one of the very few games that I would play again.
 | Added on: April 10, 2013
enjoyed this game. easy to figure out with use of map. great graphics.
 | Added on: April 15, 2013
I was unsure at first because of the Museum scene and thought it would be boring but ............. the more it progressed the more absorbing it became. The developing story really hooked me. I loved the HOG's, not so difficult, the games, enjoyable, can be toggled with Majong should you prefer. The graphics are great and there's a good map with a strategy guide. The map is easy to follow and my next run through will be without the strategy guide. I will replay again.. - An evil pirate Captain was dragged up from the deep after hundreds of years with skeletal bones intact - Yeah! The museum staff dressed him up in his full regalia which reincarnated him to his evil best - yeah!! OK, a bit tongue in cheek but the game play is excellent, the map took the sting out of running around, We also have a bit of romance worked in here. A very enjoyable game having criticised the story content and I recommend it as a most lucrative purchase. The bonus game is also a decent long play. Loved it, loved all of it. Because it's involved, reasonably paced, and the HO's and puzzles were not too difficult the whole concept of this game suited me admirably. Worth every penny. Enjoy. Thanks to publishers and Gamehouse for another great game.
 | Added on: April 6, 2013
The game was very beautifully made. The graphics and the storyline plot was just right, even the extra which is a nice bonus! The game is long but that's what makes a HO game the best.
 | Added on: April 8, 2013
The story line was different and just the right amount of creepy. You can toggle the HO scenes with Mahjong. I wanted to play those as much as the hidden object - I played twice so I could. Also, I liked the ending and additional story. This game takes you from beginning to end and has the story told in a different way.
 | Added on: July 19, 2013
This review is from my 4 year old nephew: It was interesting how Remington got pushed off the plank.... He was mean but not scary..... He only wanted to have what was taken away from him.
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