My Kingdom For The Princess II
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My Kingdom For The Princess II 

Follow Arthur and Helen on a grand new adventure in My Kingdom for the Princess II Deluxe, the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning game. Princess Helen and Sir Arthur decide to go on a honeymoon when adversity strikes. Now, Arthur must clear the land, defend against invaders, and work with magical beings as he chases after Longbeard the Dwarf, who has kidnapped the Princess.

  • the award-winning simulation/resource game returns with an all-new adventure
  • follow a whimsical storyline featuring flying cats, witches and wizards
  • collect resources to clear roads, build structures and rescue Princess Helen
  • enjoy 60 challenging levels, fun mini-games, trophies, and a whole new kingdom
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Reviews of My Kingdom For The Princess II
 | Added on: September 4, 2010
I played the original version and have enjoyed this one also. They added the clocks so that you can see when your resources are going to appear. New mini games, over 50 rounds, great graphics and the need to strategize make this game a winner for me. Love the announcer, except when he says "What are you waiting for?" - I know, picky, picky. The challenge for the game designers will be to have a third version that doesn't feel repetitious. This is definitely a keeper.
 | Added on: August 27, 2010
Liked the first My Kingdom for the Princess, but this one is so much better.
 | Added on: August 30, 2010
wished for 'how to' didn't know what to do with gold first time with this type of game - nicely different
 | Added on: August 30, 2010
The main game is good. Graphics, music and sound effects were good. Mini game was terrible and there was no way to skip it. I would not recommend this game unless you were very very fast at clicking all over the screen,
 | Added on: August 30, 2010
This is a game that keeps you busy doing all the tasks needed to bet the time. I feel chidren would like this because it is very active and keeps your attention. I am sure they would play it repeatedly.
 | Added on: September 12, 2011
Great time management game. Starts off fairly easy and then builds in complexity, making you strategise as to which things you might need to do first, build or collect resources. Stages are compact enough that you don't get frustrated by length of time it takes to complete each level.
 | Added on: August 27, 2010
Finally!! I have been waiting for this sequel and It has proven to be worth the wait. This has been one of my all time favorite time management games along with all the Cake Manias & both Ranch Rushes. I haven't played all through this game yet, but I will. I'm sure I'll keep playing and re-playing to get the castle fully built! If you like time management games, and haven't tried this, do it... It's way worth the play AND re-play! Good luck & have fun!!
 | Added on: August 27, 2010
Very much a time management game. Have to think ahead in order to finish levels on time.
 | Added on: August 30, 2010
interesting but a little bit too clicky. Can be improved that when there are more than one working, they can be triggered to different things are about the same time
 | Added on: September 2, 2010
Fun Game. I am replaying the levels so I can expand my castle. It makes you think and stategise.
 | Added on: September 9, 2010
I have only played the one-hour free trial but I am already addicted. The game has a nice background story just like on the first series of this game. The new mini-game I have encountered during the trial (whack-a-hornet) was fun and challenging. You really have to have a quick eye and finger to whack them. The new buildings (like hunters hut) and the helpers in it (they look like little elves) is a nice addition to the game. The original challenges (clearing and building roads, picking flowers and resources) were always a good feature of the game. Graphics have immensely improved as compared to the first series. Very pleasing to the eye and have a lot of details. The castle has the village's feel to it and I think it is nice. The Developer's record score posted in every level adds up to the already existing challenge, which is to finish the level while the timer is green. It (Developer's score) will certainly make you want to replay the game and beat it (if you're like me who wants it "perfect" :P). You will have to plan out first your direction or path before making that first click. But if you enjoy playing each level in a relaxed tone, it is still definitely enjoyable. All in all, the game is very exciting, addicting, and challenging.
 | Added on: September 16, 2010
Fun, exciting gameplay. You have to come up with a strategy on what to do first in order to finish in the alloted time on the harder levels. I couldn't stop playing.Definitely hours of fun to be had with this game.
 | Added on: September 7, 2010
As with the first 'My Kingdom For the Princess', the second installment continues to be original, addictive, and challenging enough that you don't power through the game in two hours and then wonder where it went! I'm a bit of a perfectionist and when games offer an 'Expert Mode', I insist upon completing the levels in the Expert time and not merely passing the level – the result being that I'm certainly getting my money's worth out of this game! But kids can happily play through the Regular Mode without struggling, and adults too if they want a more relaxing experience. You can also play this way and then replay in Expert Mode, giving the game added Replay value. The graphics are cute (I love the little ghosts!) and I've not found any bugs so far. An excellent game, try it!
 | Added on: September 4, 2010
I enjoyed the first one and this one is just as fun. Its time management with a twist and I haven't yet seen any others that use the same game mechanics. Like all good games, its challenging and makes you think.
 | Added on: August 27, 2010
I never played the original, so I wasn't sure what to expect from this game. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. It is good for all ages. It combines time management with a good deal of strategy. The mini games are not too difficult to pass and the game's storyline also keeps you interested. I have played levels over to get the gold because just as I finished, I saw a new strategy. I really do like this game!
 | Added on: August 27, 2010
This is not one of the better time management games in my opinion. So much like the original it got rather boring quickly for me. I prefer the Diner Dash series, the Delicious series, the Build a lot series, and the Wedding Dash series. Much better replay value on those.
 | Added on: August 27, 2010
This game involves a lot of clicking. It's more of a time challenge than a mental challenge. It's all about how fast you can clear the obstacles in the path, With a few mini games thrown in.
 | Added on: August 31, 2010
If you liked the first "Kingdom", you'll really dig this one. I actually like this one better. It moves even faster. I like the way the little workermen run across the bridge better than the riderless cart. I love the little timers. While the hornet whack race can be a welcome challenge, I wish I had the option to skip it, if I choose. I would rate it higher, but save my higher ratings for the five-star games like phenomenol Royal Envoy Collectors Edition. The time trial was too short! Thoroughly enjoyable and quite entertaining.
 | Added on: October 21, 2010
Very good TM game! I had so much fun playing this that I went and played Kingdom for a P I - this is much, much better - game requires you to think which path you are going to take, which bldgs to build first, what "help" to use and when - even my RPG 18 year-old likes to play - only improvement is change the look of the main character - too cartoony and simple compared to the rest of the artwork
 | Added on: August 27, 2010
This is one the better time-management games I've tried. In general, I don't like this genre as much as HOGs, Match 3 and puzzles/mosaics. In fact, many time-management games I've tried become so frustrating during the initial moments that I don't finish the first levels. However, Kingdom for the Princess II was easy to learn and an interesting challenge. Upside: *The tutorial is clear and straightforward. *Completing each level results in positioning versus the high score, which increases replayability to improve performance. Also, the golden rating makes mastering each level more challenging. *The sparkling stars pointing toward target achievements is helpful in allocating resources and completing tasks within each scene. *During the 60-minute trial I got to one mini-game of hammering hornets, which was a nice respite. I hope there would be new mini-games as the game progresses. Downside: *As game play becomes more complex with more tasks to complete, more obstacles to overcome and more places to visit, it's not as intuitive as I would like for knowing where to go and what to do. I wish there was a "hint" option to help keep on track. *The constantly, ongoing ticking clock is really annoying; it should only sound during final countdown stages. *I don't pay much attention to exposition during trials - in fact, I usually skip them completely to get to the game action. But from what I can tell with Kingdom, the initial story about the honeymooning prince and princess needing to clean up the island for escape by using the natives' boat doesn't match game tasks of building the kingdom. It seems to have something to do with how tired the prince is and why he needed a restful break with this bride, but this seems to be a disconnect. Perhaps this is resolved later? Or maybe I should have spent more of the trial time on the story . . . but that seems like a waste to me when evaluating a game for purchase. If you're looking for a user-friendly time-management game for neophytes/newbies to this genre, this is a good choice.
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