Monument Builders - Great Wall of China
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Monument Builders - Great Wall of China 

In Monument Builders - Great Wall of China Deluxe, you need to assist architect Qui Jin to realise his dream! Can you help him build the impressive over 6000km long Great Wall of China? Enjoy this wonderful long-awaited chapter in the hit action series now, and play Monument Builders - Great Wall of China Deluxe!

  • assist with the construction of one of the most impressive monuments ever: the Great Wall of China
  • complete 50 challenging levels to unlock numerous exciting bonuses
  • show your building and construction talent to get the job done
  • discover multiple interesting facts about the Great Wall of China
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Reviews of Monument Builders - Great Wall of China
 | Added on: January 13, 2014
I love this entire series! Each game gets better and better! I like the new rubies that allow you to "buy" advances to make the game better! The graphics are great (as usual!) and the trivia is great too! My only complaint is that the timer seems a bit faster than previous games.
 | Added on: January 15, 2014
I found this one considerably more difficult than the previous games in this series. There's the usual changes in kinds of factories/shops and the materials needed for them. The biggest change is in game-play ... while you're still playing against time, you're earning rubies rather than points, which in turn are used to "purchase" power-ups such as auto-delivery from shops and of purchases. If I remember the starting-level tutorial correctly, it says you can also find rubies as semi-hidden objects within most if not all levels, however I'm only about 10 levels shy of finishing and have only found those on 3 levels out of 40 so far. Good game, but it takes a while to get used to saving rubies until you really need them (yes, however many you have left are carried forward from level to level), since they're a new element in this game.
 | Added on: January 27, 2014
Graphix look extremely cheap and the game is boring.
 | Added on: January 20, 2014
This game could be more fun, but you have to do the tasks in too short of a time to ever win gold on each level. it is a little too overbearing as to teaching the history of the Great Wall of China also.
 | Added on: January 13, 2014
It is an interesting game, pretty fast-paced and thinky. You must really keep your eyes open, getting your workers to cut wood/clear obstacles/build or upgrade buildings, watching out for assorted trouble-makers, all while searching for gems that can pop up here and there. Only problem I found was level 45 - it wants 30 "sets of stairs" but there is no way to produce them. Eventually realized it should say 30 "scaffolding" instead. The level after that you start without enough funds to do anything - until I realized you can dig up bits of road to collect stuff.
 | Added on: February 18, 2014
I have played all of the Mounument Builder games and have loved them. This one - not so much. I love that I can buy the auto transport and speedy production, but it becomes impossible to get enough rubies for the higher levels without having to go back and replay lower levels. It is also very difficult to get 3 star levels once you get past a certain point. I don't mind working a bit for the 3 stars but I really think it is impossible. I understand changing the game so you don't get bored and feel it is just the same as the other games but I think the changes went a little too far this time.
 | Added on: January 21, 2014
I really love time management games! I played other games in the Monument Builders group and enjoyed them immensely. However, tho this one is fun and I enjoy the history lessons, I have found Level 47 impossible to complete! I am playing the re-release edition thru Game Pass. I have not been able to find any help either thru the form or online.
 | Added on: January 24, 2014
the game is quite challenging and interesting. you need to build and collect items within the set timeframe. getting 2 stars in most levels is achievable, however getting 3 stars is quite hard without the extras activated (auto transport and extra production mostly). You need to get as many rubies as you can to buy the upgrades later - trick is you can go back and replay earlier levels that are easier to get extra rubies for higher levels. the main problem with this game is that it is broken - at level 48 you need to get rid of warriors and tigers and the first section has resources to collect - but the resources are not enough to build a building, upgrade your home or pay off either of the warriors to get to the next section where there is more resources and buildings already constructed. this is really disappointing.
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