Midnight Macabre - Mystery of the Elephant 

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Midnight Macabre - Mystery of the Elephant Stats
  • Follow the unfolding of a captivating and mysterious storyline.
  • Overcome cleverly designed mini-games and puzzles.
  • Solve the riddle of the mystery elephant and save young Cathie.
  • Search through detailed, immersive hidden object scenes.

Game Description

Helen must save her young daughter Cathie! What evil creature has snatched her away and what fate awaits mother and daughter? Play as Helen and unravel the mysteries of Midnight Macabre – Mystery of the Elephant, a chilling and dark hidden object adventure.

As Helen, you and your daughter Cathie take a walk through the park on a beautiful day when a young, innocent-looking boy confronts you. Soon you discover he is not so innocent after all. Holding an elephant artifact above his head, he activates some evil magic that takes Cathie right out of your hand into a mysterious vortex. Now you must unravel the mystery and save your beloved daughter before it's too late.

Solve the mysteries of the dark castle and the riddle of the elephant when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Midnight Macabre – Mystery of the Elephant today!
Genre:  Hidden Object