Magic Farm 2 Platinum Edition
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Award Value: 3 Stamps
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Magic Farm 2 Platinum Edition 

Raise beautiful flowers to help an enchanted land in Magic Farm 2 Deluxe, a fabulous new farming adventure. Professor Imerius, the land's greatest florist and botanist, has noticed that a number of strange contagions are affecting the flora of his beloved realm. He has an answer to stop this malady, but first needs to find a student bright and willing to help him carry out the plan.

  • Iris and Robin return in this magical time management adventure
  • join them as they farm flowers to win the coveted Golden Diploma
  • win the competition and become the Professor's assistant
  • make new friends, learn valuable skills, and enjoy fun mini-games
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Reviews of Magic Farm 2 Platinum Edition
 | Added on: December 7, 2011
This game is not like the first one at all. In the first one you actually plant things, pick them and sell them to make money. You'd have customers that had orders that needed to be filled. This one you are at a school. They give you one objective at a time, for instance; They will ask for 3 violet flowers, you pick the 3 flowers then the level is over. You don't have animals that make clothing/milk or anything of that nature. I did not like this game at all. I like the normal farm games like this one did in the oringinal.
 | Added on: May 31, 2013
The game is fun and nice to start with the main part being quick and far too easy. The issues come with trophies and add-ons. I had a fine time playing through for trophies on advanced but when my kid played, despite two restarts (and a whole new character) her added flower beds didn't show up on the third farm. Also we both collected all three Robin trophies but never got the ultimate Robin trophy. That and there are too many bugs, literally and figuratively for me to give this much more than 3 stars. I looked for the developers guides for debugging and found none for this game. Dev should have spent more time on this one. Sometimes you get options without good explanations and overall, if you want all the trophies etc (only reason for a Platinum Edition) it's just plain boring. Asking two replay two scenarios constantly to buy stuff is not a "plot" it's repetitive and just an excuse for uninspired "quests" to pretend the game is more than it really is. I was very disappointed after the other games in this series.
 | Added on: December 12, 2011
I tried, I really tried to get through the first level of gameplay but gave up after about 20 minutes. Yes, I read the "How to Play" section and found it very confusing. There are so many instructions you need to read just to be able to get through the first few challenges that I was confused before I even started. Perhaps this gets easier the longer you play the game but it raised my frustration quota to such a level that I didn't even want to try. I hope you have better success with it.
 | Added on: May 22, 2012
This game was fun my nephew likes to play it. He likes to kill the bugs.
 | Added on: December 16, 2011
I have already played this game through the basic challenge 4 times (in about 1.5 weeks), getting a better # of days each time. I have only played it all the way through once. This also happened to me on the first game - the basic challenge is much more repeatable than the whole game. I still have only placed 5th on the basics, so will probably play it through some more. I did not get every trophy (and doing that might be very boring). I agree that the pineapple phase is much too slow (thus the 1 star deduction). In fact, the whole third "kingdom" is much too slow. But the many, many extras such as the bonuses on bouquets and the awesome ways to improve both Iris and the dragon (and the way those choices affect the game!) were really good. The graphics are much improved over the first release.
 | Added on: January 6, 2012
This is a great game! I enjoy TM games and this one has me hooked. You do have to pay attention to the goal on each level or you may end up stuck on one when you just want to move on. I found the insects a bit irritating as they get harder to kill as you move on. Also make sure you have enough money to upgrade your water and baskets. It is a really fun game even if you just start off on this one.
 | Added on: December 12, 2011
I enjoyed the first in the series of this game so was looking forward to the second one. It is similar to the first one, in respect of planting, picking, making bouquets and selling. However, the challenges are slightly different in this edition. The challenges range from growing a specific number of certain type of flower to collecting 25,000 coins and 25,000 leaves to buy a crystal. I enjoyed that the challenges were different, however, to get some of them took so long I was starting to lose interest – especially the pineapples. Each time you overcome a certain amount of challenges a new area on the map opens up with new flowers to plant/pick. Some challenges involve growing flowers or collecting money from different areas on the map as well. Graphics are nice and the characters are cute, funny little story line too. Is it the best TMG?, but if you have FunPass it’s worth having a certainly isn’t’ the worst game I’ve played.
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