Left in the Dark - No One on Board 

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Left in the Dark - No One on Board Stats
  • Be drawn in by the chill of a strange and gripping storyline.
  • Use the interactive location and map and journal to keep track of important information.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for unpredictable events and uncanny twists.
  • Enjoy a variety of puzzles and levels of difficulty.

Game Description

Solve the mysteriously grim case of missing cargo and crew. The ship is unscathed and there are no obvious reasons for the disappearance. You're on the case in Left in the Dark – No One on Board, an eerie and forbidding hidden object adventure.

Years ago, this ship was considered lost at sea, but now it has suddenly reappeared. How strange! The mayor of Port Providence has called you in to help crack the case and solve the mystery. Is there a curse as the press suggests or is that simply small town superstition? Could the mystery of the ship be connected to the unsolved murder of a local family?

Creativity, courage, and a steady spirit will help you solve the mystery when you play the free trial version or download the full-version of Left in the Dark – No One on Board today!