Lake House - Children of Silence 

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Lake House - Children of Silence Stats
  • Fear knows no bounds in this unsettling Hidden Object mystery.
  • Follow a young couple as they search for the truth about a deceased brother.
  • Travel to a secluded lake and explore the gloomy surroundings.
  • Discover secrets of the past while searching for important clues and items.
  • Solve a host of puzzles to reveal the mystery.

Game Description

Long-forgotten memories come back with a dark vengeance in Lake House - Children of Silence, a startling horror mystery.

Plans for a romantic engagement go awry when Ann receives a package allegedly from her brother Tommy. This is impossible she thinks as she recalls his passing away at a young age. Together with her new fiancé Henry, she travels to the edge of a gloomy lake where her childhood home still stands. All that's left are their discarded belongings and home movies that will reveal a terrible secret.

Join Ann and Henry as they explore the surroundings blanketed in mist to uncover the truth. Was it Tommy that sent the package or something sinister? Find out as you search for objects and solve puzzles in this harrowing journey.

Critics rave about Lake House - Children of Silence giving it 5 stars and call it an "incredible hidden object adventure". See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Lake House - Children of Silence today!
Genre:  Hidden Object