Jeweller - The Cursed Treasures
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Jeweller - The Cursed Treasures 

When a jeweler agrees to a curious task for a goodly sum, he is consumed by an Aztec curse. Can his wife restore the talisman and save her husband in Jeweler – The Cursed Treasures, a classic match 3 game with an exciting twist.

Upon discovering her husband the jeweler missing, the brave wife boldly seeks to fulfill the request of the evil spirit that has the jeweler under a curse. As the adventuresome wife, can you do his bidding in time to save your innocent husband?

Bravely collect magical gems and restore the talisman to save your husband when you play the free trial version or download the full version of Jeweler – The Cursed Treasures today!

  • Follow the plot of a mysterious story.
  • Play through 60 challenging levels.
  • Choose from Timed and Relaxed modes.
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Reviews of Jeweller - The Cursed Treasures
 | Added on: March 24, 2014
At first I thought this might be a fun game. There is a story line--a jeweler agreed to take apart special pieces of jewelry and was cursed for his trouble. His wife was told that he could be restored and the curse lifted if she put the jewelry back together with the original stones. So she has to go all over the world to recover them. The game itself seemed interesting too. As you make matches of four or more like items you receive stones that can be inserted in the jewelry. But the stones have to be the right color and shape to fit, which is not always what you get. But the worst part is the playing board itself. If you don't wear glasses when you begin this game, you just might by the time you finish. Some of the pieces are white on a white background, some are so light a color you almost can't see them, and all of them are small. Did I mention that the pieces don't always fall straight down but move laterally as well? There are some great elements in this game, but the board and the coloring of the pieces makes it almost impossible to focus and see what's in front of you. Additionally, if you play a timed game you not only have to acquire the right stones but you also have to insert them into the jewelry within the time given. I found I had to move to an untimed mode fairly quickly, as you have no control over the color and types of stones that fall. Too many don't fit into the piece of jewelry at all. There are some really good concepts here, but the execution was very poor.
 | Added on: March 24, 2014
I love Match 3 games, but when I saw this was ALSO one of those games where you had to fit shapes (triangles, etc) into objects I almost didn't try it. As my title said... I am SOOOOO glad that I did. I am blown away by this game. At first I tried it in relaxed (no timer), but then quickly relalized that I need a bit more of a challenge. So switching to timed, I noticed there are a couple of bonuses that can ADD to your time. I finished the first few puzzles easily, but as they go on, they get harder. NOT negatively I may add. The last puzzle took me several tries, but instead of getting bored, I felt CHALLENGED and was DETERMINED to finish it, which I did. The other two reviews didn't EXPLAIN their reasons for giving it only 1 star.. I would be curious to know WHY.. May be something simple as it was TOO challenging..they wanted something more relaxed. Please try this game, even if the shape matcher part of it doesn't appeal. It will once you get into the game.
 | Added on: March 22, 2014
I played an earlier free trial of this game without a relaxed mode and as much as I wanted to like this different and challenging game, the time element ruined it for me. So I'm thrilled to see it with the relaxed mode. Every level is different and it is also different from any other m3 game I've played. You earn puzzle pieces by mathching 4 or more items. I enjoy the m3 gameplay and the puzzles as well. At first i didn't like dealing with the jewel boxes but when I found they were movable I liked them. I rushed to buy this wonderful game as soon as I finished the trial. Very addictive and a cool story too. The matchables change with the story line.
 | Added on: March 25, 2014
I normally do not give a review about games because they are just games something to pass the time but "Jeweller " "the cursed treasure", is one of those games that requires a review. The first part of this game plays well, with what appears to be some sort of direction. Starting on about level 32 the games become very monotonous I counted 213 matches without receiving the proper jewel piece. Very disappointed in this game. Your money is better spent on another game.
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