Jewel Legends - Magical Kingdom
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Jewel Legends - Magical Kingdom 

Enjoy Jewel Legends - Magical Kingdom Deluxe and become the saviour of the Magical Kingdom! The Black Sorcerer is finally defeated, but he destroyed the entire kingdom. Can you help raise it from the ashes? Get ready to roll up your sleeves, and build wonderful constructions like the tremendous castle. Play Jewel Legends - Magical Kingdom Deluxe now!

  • bring glory back to the once beautiful Magical Kingdom
  • build impressive constructions like the wonderful castle, the Mage Tower and the Crystal Forge
  • play 140 challenging levels and use 8 magical and powerful tools
  • enjoy 3 fantastic game modes and an exciting mini-game
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Reviews of Jewel Legends - Magical Kingdom
 | Added on: October 31, 2013
This is not a bad little Match 3 game if you like playing this type of game "just because". It has some good things; the pieces are easily distinguished one from another, and the power-ups are somewhat unique and kind of fun. But that's where the compliments end. It's just one level after another. When you earn enough 'bricks,' then you can put up another building--and another, and another. I played 62 levels before I came to the breaking point. There was really nothing to hold my interest, and the timed mode was more than adequate in almost all cases, so no challenge there, either. An okay game, but nothing special.
 | Added on: October 29, 2013
This game is sooo boring .. won't even finish it. No challenge whatsoever.
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