House of Wonders - Babies Come Home 

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House of Wonders - Babies Come Home Stats
  • Compatible with OS X 10.7
  • Prepare the House of Wonders for the joyous event in this fun Hidden Object challenge.
  • Search through the whimsical mansion and earn money to purchase needed supplies.
  • Spend the money wisely or splurge on leftovers for your very own mansion.

Game Description

The stork is on its way in the whimsical House of Wonders - Babies Come Home for Mac, a fun seek-and-find challenge for all ages.

Larry is about to become a proud papa but he has grossly underestimated the gravity of the situation. With quintuplets due at any moment and with little-to-nothing planned, Larry and his wife Lucretia need your help in raising money to prepare for the joyous event.

Search through the whimsical House of Wonders and earn the money needed to buy everything they require. From diapers to cribs and many other essentials, it's your job to prepare the nursery. However it takes shape is entirely up to you, so you can either splurge or be cost effective enough to decorate your very own mansion with the leftover money. Use hints, play mini-games, and prepare for the big day.

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Genre:  Hidden Object