Gourmet Chef Challenge - Around the World
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Gourmet Chef Challenge - Around the World 

Have you always dreamed of being a world renowned chef on a hit TV show? Now's your chance in Gourmet Chef Challenge – Around the World, a uniquely clever hidden object, role-playing game.

As Juliana the diner owner and short-order cook, you are passionate about cooking of a different kind. Make your mark on the world of gastronomy when you seize the opportunity presented to you by the Gourmet Chef Challenge. This international culinary competition puts you on TV where you must demonstrate your skills.

Take down the fierce competition and make your gastronomic dreams come true when you try the free trial version of Gourmet Chef Challenge – Around the World today!

  • Enjoy cleverly dynamic and animated object search.
  • Play a variety of mini-games: puzzles, reflex games, riddles, and more.
  • Use an interactive inventory.
  • Explore detailed, high-definition scenes.
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Reviews of Gourmet Chef Challenge - Around the World
 | Added on: August 1, 2014
It is a really nice, easy game to play for the kiddies. Lots of different things to make and ways to improve your score. I would not recommend it for adults, but I would highly recommend it for kids.
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