Dragon Keeper 2
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Dragon Keeper 2 

Save the prince from an old hag's vengeful curse in Dragon Keeper 2 Deluxe, a marvelous sequel to the hit game. Life in the kingdom returned to normal after the prince defeated the evil witch with the help of the mystical dragons. In time however, the witch hatched a new plot and ensnared the prince, turning him into a goldfish. Now the princess will have to call on her magical friends once again.

  • enlist the dragons once again in this wonderful time management challenge
  • breed, feed, and take care of baby dragons to earn their help
  • collect gems and money to forge into powerful magical jewelry
  • hire odd characters for help and expand the caves with new dragons
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Reviews of Dragon Keeper 2
 | Added on: June 12, 2012
Addictive and fun, keep little dragons safe, while you collect gems. Hours just fly by, so don't play this at work ;)
 | Added on: July 1, 2012
If I could have given this game a zero rating, I would have. I really liked playing Dragon Keeper 1, it was challenging and fun, albeit much too short. While Dragon Keeper 1 was too short, Dragon Keeper 2 is excrutiatingly long. Dragon Keeper 2 took many of the fun aspects out of the first version. First of all, DK2 could quite well play itself -- except for cracking eggs open and throwing food at the dragons, there is little for the player to do. There are trolls to kill the bandits, frogs and gnomes to gather the gems. Half the time I was competing with frogs and gnomes just to keep myself busy ckicking on gems..Even the forging of artifacts has lost its appeal when gems are applied and there's no planning of what gems to put where. I rather enjoyed the fighting of bandits, and then clicking on their loot, watching it spiral up. But now the trolls take care of all that. I ilked the shop feature in the first version, now you are stuck choosing one undesireable skill over another undesireable skill. The new game is also buggy. Sometimes a particular dragon simply won't respond to anything and dies from starvation.. And its replacement does the same thing. Some bandits remain on the screen even after nightfall and into the next day. and, to top it all off, towards the end of the second chapter, the game freezes up. Rebooting the game/computer does not help. You simply have to start over from the beginning and hope you pass through, which never happens. All in all, Dragon Keeper 2 is a dud. I would wish fpr a Dragpm Keeper 3 to be less buggy (who *are* your quality control people??), a bit shorter, allow the layer to fully play in ALL parts of the game, and not freeze up arbitrarily. My advise to the reader, don't buy it.
 | Added on: June 24, 2012
The instructions for this game were written either by a kid or someone who's first language is not English. They are difficult to understand. Too repetitive - not a lot of variety in the levels makes this game rather boring. Might be good for younger people.
 | Added on: July 6, 2012
As the first reviewer mentioned, earning an "expert" rating (i.e. all stars) requires too much luck. Don't get me wrong...there's a certain amount of planning, as well as unlocking of upgrades, which needs to be done in order to have a chance to earn "expert". But since earning many of the stars requires a certain number of a gem type or a certain number of an item type (e.g. bottle, comb) to achieve, and since the gems dropped by the dragons and items available to sell (using the gems) are seemingly generated completely randomly, you're forced to HOPE that today's your lucky day. In my case I've restarted the first level 15-20 times, and still haven't earned all the stars (I swear there are times I wonder if the developers purposely made it impossible to earn all the stars!). That said, I do enjoy the game. And although I've noticed a few minor glitches/bugs, none have had an adverse effect on my enjoyment of the game. Unlike the last reviewer, I've never had the game lock up on me. I went with three stars on my review because I enjoyed the game, but wish the developers would provide an "update" which would eliminate some of the randomness of gems/items. This would be a great game if earning all the stars required MORE careful planning, and LESS luck-of-the-draw. I would NOT recommend this game to anyone who gets frustrated if they can't "perfect" a game...unless you're incredibly lucky, or a glutton for punishment (like me)!
 | Added on: June 12, 2012
I've been playing for a couple of hours, now, but I've had to restart it about 6 times. This is because some of the quests are difficult to get and you can't simply replay a quest, or a day, you have to restart the entire chapter. What I mean by "difficult to get" is that you usually only have about 2 days per quest (in order to get expert). Because so many of the quests are subject to the randomness of the game (eg. one quest is you have to make 5 combs, but you have no control over whether it gives you combs or bottles to make), it is often difficult to complete these in the "expert time", unless you just luck out. It wouldn't be nearly so frustrating if you could save the game somewhere, so you don't have to start over every time. That said, if you're not hung up on getting expert, it is a fun way to pass the time- fairly similar to the previous Dragon Keeper game.
 | Added on: November 30, 2012
It's a clicky game and I was able to get Expert after going through the game once and figuring out the "tricks". I can be fun and relaxing but if you miss a Star on one challenge, you have to restart the section to be able to go Expert. A good kids game (8+ probably) as it's kind of silly as well.
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