Diego Dinosaur Rescue
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Diego Dinosaur Rescue 

Join Diego, his sister Alicia, and Baby Jaguar on an amazing journey to the land of dinosaurs in Diego Dinosaur Rescue! Poor Maia the Maiasaura is lost and doesn't know her way back home. Become a dinosaur scientist and help Diego and his friends reunite her with her family by playing a wonderful assortment of fun mini-games. Examine giant footprints, scare away Troodons, save baby ploosaurs, and so much more! Take pictures along the way and fill your very own dinosaur picture book with great souvenirs. Don't forget to look for the hidden dinosaur eggs! Charming, educational, and delightfully fun for all ages, Diego Dinosaur Rescue is a wonderful adventure you'll want to enjoy again and again. Try the free demo version for a sneak peek at Diego's latest expedition, or download the full version of Diego Dinosaur Rescue and discover how much there is to see, learn, and explore in the land of the dinosaurs!

  • Based on the hit Nick Jr. TV show, "Go, Diego, Go!"
  • Join the adventure or play fun mini-games!
  • Take pictures and find the hidden dinosaur eggs
  • Easy and hard difficulty settings
  • Play and learn with dinosaurs!
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Reviews of Diego Dinosaur Rescue
 | Added on: October 15, 2009
My kids love playing this game over and over. It is both fun and educational. I love that my 3 year old daughter taught me what a lemur was! My 8 year old boy enjoys it as well, mostly because you get to take pictures and hunt for dinosaur eggs. They play together and I love that they can work as a team. It is much more pleasant to see them having fun together and learning instead of fighting!!
 | Added on: September 10, 2009
My neices and nephews really love this game. It has all the things i look for in a childrens game: difficulty level options, consistancy to avoid confusing my preschoolers, and rewards they like. Of course, it also has their favorite characters, and that helps too!
 | Added on: October 27, 2009
My almost 4 year old likes this game so far, but is getting annoyed with some of the repetition. I was surprised that there was only one mission. Also the expert level is exactly the same as the easy level. It was not worth the price.
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