Dark Strokes - Sins of the Fathers 

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Dark Strokes - Sins of the Fathers Stats
  • Evil comes for revenge in this thrilling Hidden Object adventure.
  • Stop the Faceless Ones before a small town is wiped out completely.
  • Explore the decimated village and interact with its remaining inhabitants.
  • Search for clues and helpful items to aid in the return of a young woman.
  • Play chilling mini-games and solve demanding puzzles.

Game Description

Help Ethan save his bride-to-be from a vengeful menace in Dark Strokes - Sins of the Fathers, a chilling supernatural mystery.

Ethan and Claire are on their way to a remote village to meet his father when their carriage is attacked by a strange figure. After the ensuing crash, they are at the doorsteps of the town. Soon however, they realize that the village is under siege by a mysterious group known as the Faceless Ones and Claire quickly becomes one of their captives. Now Ethan must call on all his strength to rescue his fiancée and the rest of the town.

Ethan's moment of reckoning is at hand as you guide him to stop the Faceless Ones. Explore the decimated village, interact with its remaining inhabitants, solve puzzles, play mini-games, and search for clues that will lead him to his beloved Claire. Peel back the layers of this chilling supernatural mystery that began with the stroke of a paintbrush, but will end in a dramatic confrontation near a fiery abyss.

Critics love Dark Strokes - Sins of the Fathers, giving it 4 ½ stars. Experience it for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Dark Strokes - Sins of the Fathers today!
Genre:  Hidden Object