Cradle of Rome
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Cradle of Rome 

Use your puzzle skills to build the glorious capital of an ancient empire in this engaging and immersive matching challenge. Swap icons to make groups of three or more and collect resources to build your powerful city. Bring more than 20 classic masterpieces of architecture to life in over 100 brain-bending levels and watch your city thrive. Featuring original power-ups, colorful graphics, and hours of fast puzzling fun, Cradle of Rome is a thrilling path to puzzle glory.

  • Unlimited Play
  • Over 100 Challenging Levels
  • Unique Power-Ups
  • Recreate Ancient Rome
  • Colorful Family Fun
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Reviews of Cradle of Rome
 | Added on: November 2, 2009
This game is excellent but I have been unable to pass Level 51. The addition of a timeless mode would be a great help. I found it fascinating to play and want to go on further but this is impossible as there is just not enough time allowed to play the game in a relaxed manner.
 | Added on: October 28, 2011
Cradle of Rome (1) is compatible with Mac Lion, as I 'tested' #2 on line and love the extra puzzles. even though #1 seems less than 2 as far as extras go, Cradle is still on the top of my list for game construction, as you can strategize how to build your city. I'm really loving the power ups, and the thinking needed to plan ahead to accomplish a chapter. I can hardly wait to get to the top, as many of the reviewers are talking of the challenge! For me, a perfect stress reducer after a long work day! One of the best purchases i've made @ Gamehouse! johnny
 | Added on: July 29, 2012
Cradle of Rome is swap tile Match 3 game that is fairly simple and fun to play. Without checking the release dates, I'd say that this game is the precursor to Cradle of Persia, which is a drag tile Match game. I say this because, 1) the game works a lot smoother than Cradle of Persia as system resource requirements are light and 2) the directions for upgrading your acquired towns items are more obtuse. ("Make clever matches to earn a water carrier!" ??? Define clever, in a quantitative fashion, please.) That said, if you use the bottom Match 3 strategy and allow the gravity falls to do the work for you, the puzzles solve themselves in short order. Meh. Good for kids and people getting started with Match 3 games.
 | Added on: September 27, 2011
I can't stop playing this game! I get excited for the next levels! This games is great for all ages and skills.
 | Added on: April 13, 2010
For a Match 3 game, this one is VERY challenging. I have had the game for awhile now and have tried many many attempts but have yet to complete the final level of Olympus. Using the points you earn to have to buy the buildings is a nice addition to the goal of the game. Trying to find the right combination to earn the villagers is very challenging as you do not know what needs to be done to earn them. Due to the fast pace of the game, earning the villagers is most times done by luck. After many many tries to complete the game, I have finally earned the Miller and it was by pure luck as did not earn him until I was on Olympus. This is a very addictive game as I keep going back determined to finish it. Do wish that there was some other goals to achieve on Olympus other than completing the very difficult boards. Seems like to the only purpose at this point is to clear those last boards. Definitely not a game for the faint of heart but for those looking for a real challenge.
 | Added on: August 26, 2011
Plan on spending time a little mad. Not as easy and gives you great use of language skills. Get a snack and drink and have fun!!!
 | Added on: August 7, 2010
This has been one of my favorite games that I keep coming back to time and time again. It does get easier each time I go through the levels, but I am still loving it. It has been fun to try different ways of playing the levels and what to use/buy in what order.
 | Added on: June 28, 2010
Like Cradle of Persia, its sister game, I have been playing this game since just after it was first published It took me forever to finally get to complete it - but as frustrating as it was to finish - it was FUN inching bit by bit to the end. This is a hard game to play to the end - harder than Persia - but it is a game that lasts and lasts - every replay is a different challenge, with enough randomness in it to make me keep coming back for more torture :-) - really hope that there will be more "Cradles" to come as there are few match games like it with such a wide variety of tools to be earned - and while the develppers are at it - an iphone version would be brilliant!!
 | Added on: October 17, 2012
Histocal games are my favourites. I like also Cradle of Persia and Cradle of Rome 2; they are learming me a lot of historical news about the Persian and the Roman Empires. Cradle of Rome is very friendly for people who likes to know more historical news about Rome's history and not only that. My recommandations are below: try it and you'll love the game!
 | Added on: September 9, 2009
I really enjoyed playing this Match 3 game. Creating the city of Rome added an extra dimension of fun.
 | Added on: March 8, 2013
Don't get me wrong I enjoyed this game. I downloaded the unlimited free play when this was game of the day and it was good - for a free game. If I had paid for it though I would have been disappointed. It is a very basic match 3 game. You match items to gain gold, food, resources and bonus features to help you finish the boards. With the gold, resources & food you then buy a building in Rome. After building something special combinations will earn you a villager which gives you a bonus. If you like a simple Bejewelled style match 3 game this may be enough for you. I did keep coming back to play - right up until I finished building Rome. There seemed no point after that. You could keep playing boards on Mt Olympus but you don't do anything with the items collected. You can also replay from the beginning but that idea didn't really appeal to me at all. There aren't any other gameplay options. Once you finish it is either continue on Mt Olympus or start again. Through the regular game it keeps a track of who has the fastest time, but I couldn't find any way to access these details from the menu. Also there is no option for a competetive score/time mode. I notice many of the reviews here called this game challenging. I did not find it challenging at all! I have been playing match 3 games for many years and found all the boards ridiculously easy to finish before the time ran out. Many times I would intentionally avoid finishing just so I could gather more resources. In fact the only times I died were when I was intentionally playing longer and forgot to keep checking the time left. I ended up on level 59 with something like 29 lives left! If I ever feel like doing a couple of boards of a simple, uncomplicated match 3 game just to relax I may continue on a bit. I really think it was probably worth 3.5 stars rather than 3. The game was good - while it lasted. I have started to play Cradle Of Rome 2. I think it will be better and I will write a review for that once I get to the stage of unlocking the different modes!
 | Added on: December 20, 2010
Earily levels of this game are a lot of fun. Later levels become frustrating because the game does stupid things. i.e. after an area is cleared, it makes you go back and reclear certain tiles. Or it makes you clear a tile 3 or 4 times. Or when it puts tiles back on it does it in the hard to reach areas when you are already running out of time. I got into level 50+ and enjoyed the game into level 40. After that it is a excercise of stupidity.
 | Added on: December 2, 2010
I find that the game really gets you in, you get frustrated when you miss a section, but you feel good when you conquer it. It is very good for the hand to eye interaction and keeps the mind going the whole time.
 | Added on: July 14, 2010
Summary: 1. Boring game: same stuff different game. 2. Too small: can't see what the villagers are doing. 3. Some music is classified as 'sound.' Now for the review: Wow, I guess I'm the odd man out with this game. I thought it was boring and just like a lot of other match-3 games I've played. I love the match-3 genre. I downloaded this one after playing it online, not because I liked it, but because I was hoping to be able to see the graphics better, and in seeing the graphics better, maybe that might help me like it. That was a no, all the way around. The graphics of the villagers are too small to see clearly. It's too hard to tell what they're doing. When I played it online, I had magnifier turned on so I could even try to see the game at all in that tiny window. When I downloaded it and played it in full screen, the villagers were just a tiny bit bigger than when I'd had them magnified on the web game. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I turned down the music, and there was still music. The trumpet fanfare at the end of the level is WAY too loud, and it seemed no matter how much I turned down the music, that was still too loud. I was on the first level of the second stage when I discovered that after turning the music all the way down, there was still music. Some of the music is apparently classified as 'sound.' So it is /impossible/ to play the game without music and just with sound, and the 'sound' music competes with the 'music' music, and just makes the game aurally confusing. I uninstalled it and was glad I never paid for it. It wasn't worth the space it took up on my hard drive.
 | Added on: December 6, 2010
I love this game. I was playing this game non stop for several hours. This is a game that people of all ages will enjoy.
 | Added on: September 8, 2011
This game is exciting and challenging. It is so colorful and gives a feeling of relaxation. But, once you get into the game, it can be nerve racking in a good way. I love to release stress from the day playing it. It is very educational too if you read the purpose for the things you "buy" and add to Rome. I highly recommend it to anyone. It is simply fun!
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