Cooking Academy 3 - Recipe for Success
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Cooking Academy 3 - Recipe for Success 

Return to your roots and learn new dishes in Cooking Academy 3 - Recipe for Success Deluxe, a delicious sequel to the hit series. After winning one million dollars and opening a restaurant, the time has come to write your very own cookbook. To make it a bestseller however, it will take many new recipes. Thankfully, you have your old professor Henri Fromage and his friends to help.

  • create your own cookbook in this entertaining cooking game
  • master 60 all-new dishes with help from your culinary friends
  • play 50 unique cooking games including Refrigerate, Seasoning, and more
  • learn interesting trivia facts about the food you are preparing
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Reviews of Cooking Academy 3 - Recipe for Success
 | Added on: June 6, 2012
I was really excited to see that a third Cooking Academy game had come out. I really enjoy these games. They are clicky, but that's fine with me - I find them very relaxing. I almost wish there had been another round of exams at the end, something all-inclusive perhaps, but otherwise I found this to be a lot of fun. Keep making them - in fact, more cooking games overall would be great!
 | Added on: June 6, 2012
I really liked this game.I liked all the other Cooking Academy games also. I like the different things you have to do plus rearange food in the fridge. I liked trying for perfect each level.Highly recommend this game if you don't mind alot of clicking.
 | Added on: February 3, 2014
I have played all 3 of the cooking academy games and i love them! I get so into them and ill always try to get 5 stars for everything. Overall, this one was the trickest of them all. I found a couple of the exams kinda hard but it was so fun.
 | Added on: June 4, 2012
This game is so monotonous!! I got bored after about 5 mins if that! I only gave it 2 stars because it would probably be fun for kids for about an hour.
 | Added on: June 30, 2012
This is a fun little game that would be great for kids from about 5 to 12. Not only do you have to have pretty good coordination and timing, but you get to learn about cooking and recipes along the way. The "exams" are a little repetitive, as you repeat the same games you played before, but with slightly more difficulty. Overall, a great little game.
 | Added on: June 5, 2012
This is the third Cooking Academy game and I have played the other two as well. I really enjoy these games because they are clicky, but they are a more practical series of activities than some. There are so many different things that you have to do, memorize, peel chop, stir. It's all very mouse-intensive but I find it fun and relaxing trying to get perfect scores on all of the recipes. It also makes me hungry :)
 | Added on: July 14, 2012
I have never written a review before, I prefer reading them to writing them...but I felt compelled to add my thoughts on this game. I love the first two cooking academies and waited patiently for the third. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed when it finally came out. This game is exactly the same as the first two. They didn't put any effort into making any changes, no new challenges, graphics,game play, twists, nothing new or different. Even the characters look the same. If you've played one cooking academy you've played them all...don't waste your time on this, unless you enjoy playing the same game over and over again.
 | Added on: June 8, 2012
tho this is a rather repetitive game i find it very fun and challenging to play. i like that u can replay the levels to get more stars. i like the exams at the end of the specific shops u finish. pretty cool concept. lots of info about the ingredients and recipies-that's interesting. the characters are funny also. good job i think...
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