Brink of Consciousness - The Lonely Hearts Murders
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Brink of Consciousness - The Lonely Hearts Murders 

Test the limits of a father's love for his daughter in Brink of Consciousness - The Lonely Hearts Murders Deluxe, a gripping race for answers. Logan is an investigator on the trail of a murderer. When his good friend Owen contacts him to help find his missing daughter Olivia, Logan fears that she may be the latest victim of this maniac now known as the Lonely Hearts Killer.

  • stop a serial killer from claiming another victim in this hidden object investigation
  • scour Victorian England to find a young woman before she is next
  • test your investigative skills as you search for clues
  • decipher challenging puzzles and examine evidence
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Reviews of Brink of Consciousness - The Lonely Hearts Murders
 | Added on: April 16, 2013
This is a story-driven game. There is a lot of dialogue, and you are encouraged to interact with all the characters. To my mind this does not detract from the game, but rather enhances it in this instance, as it makes you a full partner with the detective in charge of the case. Also, your daugher's life is at stake, so of course you woud want to be involved. The graphics are crisp, and the scenes are well drawn. There are more than the normal number of puzzles, but most of them are interesting. A few are moderatey difficult but worth the effort. The story is completely wrapped up by the play. There is no long narrative at the end to complete what otherwise might have left you hanging. The only real criticism I have is the amount of back-and-forth involved. The map shows you where there are actions left to be taken, but you cannot click on that spot and go there. You have to do it the old fashioned way, by backtracking through scenes. If it weren't for that, I would have given this game five stars. It is certainly worth playing and should hold your attention well.
 | Added on: March 28, 2013
Loved this game! The hidden objects are true to character of the 1800's not as today which was an added thinking bonus. The characters had the 1800's view that only the rich and the peerage were important. Everyone else were of no consequence. Typically British. It has a good mixture of hidden object finds and find parts needed to fix/use in other areas of the game. The game has a map that shows the all the locations as the game progresses. It also tells you which locations have challenges to be completed which was a help. The only complaint(?) was you could not click on a scene/room on the map to go directly there. You had to retrace your steps back to the scene/room you wanted to be in. Since I was under a time crunch I wasn't happy. That is the only con I saw. Making me think is relaxing. It was hard (for me) but not to the point that it's frustrating. This game could be played by someone aged 10 or older but the subject matter is not appropriate in my opinion. Only got to play one mini game. It was totally different from other games I've played. The game was fun and easy. The object was to get the marble into the hole. Do not remember if it had a skip button or not but anyone should be able to complete the mini game without getting frustrated. All in all it's a keeper. Definitely a good buy.
 | Added on: April 1, 2013
Overall I enjoyed the game, but there was WAY too much dialogue. Sometimes it seemed to go on for 2-3 minutes at a time. The puzzles are HOS were very easy.
 | Added on: July 6, 2013
I have played both this one and the Dorian Gray game and I can honestly say that they are a couple of the most challenging, and enjoyable games I've tried (and I've played quite a few!) There is, as is normal in a HoG, quite a bit of frustrated running backwards and forwards, but the story is good fun and the graphics are great. All in all if you take your time and make good use of the hints you should enjoy this game.
 | Added on: May 18, 2013
Graphics were good, mini-games unique I enjoyed them. Map was somewhat useful, but not a jump map. Dialogue was a big part, which I prefer more game play. The flow of the game with the story was nice, as well as getting objects with not to much back and forth.
 | Added on: April 15, 2013
There were many things I really liked about this game. The HO scene items were in keeping with the era, and also the objects that you pick up throughout the game are items used to solve the game. The mini puzzles were challenging enought to be interesting without being impossible, however some of the instructions were a little vague. I did have to skip one puzzle because I never could figure out exactly what I was supposed to do. The other negatives, which I see others have commented on, was way too much dialogue, and although the map was helpful, you couldn't click on it to go to a location. Other than that, I thought it was a good game. I didn't give it "good replay" as I think that most HO games are not that much fun to replay once you've solved them. No reflection on this particular game.
 | Added on: April 24, 2013
Stunning! The graphics in this game are certainly above average. The voice acting and sound was wonderful. The story is meshed very well with game play. The plot is one that you can immerse yourself in. It's great how interactive it is. And I loved that they stayed true to the era. Unfortunately there is some lengthy dialogue which may bother some people. HOS were clear, beautiful and straight forward with the perfect amount of challenge, not too hard; not too easy. Most puzzles were fairly simple, which can be nice sometimes. The Hint button was helpful when you're in doubt of where to go and indicating an available action when needed. I found this one much better than the first Brink of Consciousness. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience from beginning to end.
 | Added on: April 1, 2013
I enjoyed watching the scenes as much as playing the game. Interesting story line with a surprise ending. The bonus chapter was worth playing as well. The HO scenes were fun and the logic puzzles were a nice change of pace.
 | Added on: March 29, 2013
This is a good game for someone of average skill but is very clicky. As the title says, it will keep your mouse hand busy. The dialogue portions could be shorter but overall a decent game.
 | Added on: April 4, 2013
Too much dialogue without a way to fast forward through it. I read faster than a word a minute, so the skip button came into play a lot.
 | Added on: May 28, 2013
The game has an overwhelming amount of dialog (which you could skip but really shouldn’t). The characters speak with a British accent which is ok. The detective is annoying – he tells you what needs to be done. Why have him in the game and not have the player act as the detective? There is a lot of back and forth to get a single item. The map is basically useless – points you in a direction where you can’t complete the available action since you do not have the item needed. The Hint button, however, will point you in the right direction without depleting. There are sufficient HOs with clear graphics. And, the mini-games are innovative and interesting. Overall the game is ok but definitely not one of the best.
 | Added on: April 9, 2013
This is truly a well-made game. I cannot say otherwise. However, it seems as though game-creators lately have been spending all their time on making their games look real; as though we're watching a movie. What I think they do not realize is that if we wanted to watch a movie, we would be going to our televisions & DVDs & pressing PLAY to watch them! What happened to spending more time on making the game-playing the best part?? Not only was the dialogue slow, it was constant & unnecessary! But another frustrating element that no one mentioned yet was the choice at the start-up of the game as to whether you want to play "casual", "normal" or "expert". Usually, I choose "normal", because I like the option of having a hint if I get stuck but I hate - HATE - those annoying sparkles everywhere. Here, there are sparkles in all options except expert! It feels like I go from "Here's a whole bunch of help that you won't even need" to "no help at all". This is the first time I have seen a game do this (leave the sparkles except in the expert mode) -- & I truly hope it will be the last. Otherwise, this game is so beautiful it's almost a shame to rate it with 3 stars... until I have to sit through another 5-6 minutes with my hands itching to PLAY while my body is forced to sit & watch (I'm aware I can skip, but I rarely do for fear I'll miss out on important info)!
 | Added on: March 30, 2013
I usually don't like games that have extended storylines, but this one was done well. Graphics were good. Characters were perfect. Vocals pleasantly true to form. As the game progresses the portals you need to visit have been narrowed down for you (no going back to scene 1). You have a map to help you navigate. All in all, this was a great game. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!
 | Added on: April 7, 2013
I really enjoyed this game. Yes, there is a lot of dialogue as others have said, but it is well done and adds to the storyline of the game. The puzzles were fun and sufficiently challenging and the hidden object scenes were realistic and well designed. I highly recommend this game!
 | Added on: February 21, 2013
This game is beautiful. I liked the music, and that is unusual. There were some new puzzles that were fun to play. I also liked the hint button that helped the player return to a point of interest without wasting a hint. I am 67 years old, and my memory is not as good as it once was. I like hidden object searches when there is something more to do than just click. I also like finding objects that move the game along. I skipped some of the puzzles because I was in a hurry to finish the game, and see how it ended. I intend to return and actually try to complete all of the puzzles.
 | Added on: February 26, 2013
This game was very talky, as others have said. For the most part I felt it lent more story to the game than most games offer, but some of the dialogue seemed totally superfluous. And the dot dot dot meant I never knew when anyone was finished speaking. Did anyone but me notice that the incompetent officer Evans suddenly turned into the name Jayden, or did I miss some sort of transition? The game itself was well plotted, the mini games were unique but not very challenging. I used the hint to figure out where to go. The map is virtuallly useless. I enjoyed the game in all and would recommend it for play.
 | Added on: February 21, 2013
I own the Dorian Gray Syndrome Brink of Consciousness so of course I wanted to play this one. The graphics are very nice, the music is pleasant and relaxing, as well as the game play. Even though your character gets quite verbally animated at times, the detective assisting you is almost always calm and his character and the music set the overall tone as kind of laid back even though the crimes require urgent response to catch the killer. Hidden object scenes are clear and readily found for the most part and I really enjoyed the unique mini games. The map was handy and as I played casual mode (one of three difficulty selections) the strategy guide was not necessary, though I am sure on harder modes it would be quite handy to have! The bonus chapter when you take on the role of the detective wraps the story up quite nicely. I don't want to be a spoiler, but I just want to mention some one said in their review that the two "Brink" games were not inter-related and they are. Even though the time period is different, with different characters, I would say this is actually a prequel, or origins game if you will. I liked it very much, and look forward to the next installments the developers mention in the interview available in the extras and which I thought was an excellant idea. It showed how much work and thought goes into these games we all enjoy so much. So kudos to them and thank you all! I will be on the look-out for "Neverwood" as well!
 | Added on: February 23, 2013
This is very cleverly done. Great graphics and lots and lots of screens but when you get so far into the game, the former scenes disappear and you only have to concentrate on a few locations at a time. Hidden objects aren't terribly difficult and are pretty tricky at times, i.e., clicking on the black cat when six cats pop at once, and keep changing places. I agree with other reviewer that there is a lot of dialog and the characters speak so slowwwwwlllllyyyyy. I just skipped some of the speech because the game is easy enough to follow anyway. Lots of characters and I got confused about who was who, but overall a good game with lots of extras.
 | Added on: February 23, 2013
I totally loved Brink of Consciousness, Dorian Gray Syndrome and was really really looking forward to this release. I liked the look of the game , the graphics were very good, the storyline was also good ( for want of a better word ) and the mini games were too, although I did not find them very challenging.....and I do like a good challenge! However unlike other reviewers who enjoyed the movie -like experience, I found all the dialogue a bit overpowering ( even a little tedious at times when I just wanted to get on with the game ) and although there was a menacing voice now and again, I felt it lacked the masked 'Bad Guy' I was eagerly waiting to jump out at me around every corner. But all that said I'm glad I played this game and would not want to deter anyone from trying it...... It's not for kids though. I do so hope there is another one on the not too distant horizon.
 | Added on: February 25, 2013
there is jst too much dialogue in this game. it took away from the game play for me. of course u can skip the dialogue if u'd like. the mini games were challenging. the graphics great. but the map was rather useless for me. this game is jst ok.
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